15 best scientific calculators for College students in 2022

15 best scientific calculators for College students in 2022

Scientific calculators for college students are designed to help you calculate science, technology, and math problems with the extra buttons they have. They are much more useful than the calculator feature on your child’s phone, for example, so don’t think that’s enough.

You do not need to have the most sophisticated model to make a lesson, but a well-chosen scientific calculator will help with exams.

What is a scientific calculator?

A scientific calculator is a calculator designed to help you calculate scientific, engineering, and mathematical problems.  It has many more buttons than your standard calculator. Which simply allows you to perform four basic arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

A scientific calculator is used to calculate advanced functions in mathematics, science, and technology.  Explore the use and special buttons of a scientific calculator. And also learn to evaluate expressions in a scientific calculator using examples.

Scientific calculators for college students are one of the few essentials you will find every year on your class shopping list.  During high school and elementary school, you may only need a basic calculator.  However, as math and science become more involved, you may need calculators for the school to perform several operations.

How much is a scientific calculator?

There are several types of scientific calculators for college students to choose from, which can be confusing as to which type to buy.  As calculators become more complex, they are often more expensive. 

You may be wondering if you need to spend more than $ 50 on one, especially when you sell some calculators that cost less than $ 10.  This guide will explain the different types available and show you the best calculators for school.

What are the functions of a scientific calculator?

Scientific calculators have several functions. This includes helping students and professionals perform floating-point arithmetic, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, and trigonometric functions. And also provide quick access to several commonly used mathematical functions, such as Pi.

Scientific calculators are often combining with graphing calculators, but we focus on scientific calculators without graphs.  You may be wondering why you would choose a scientific calculator instead of a graphing calculator that can perform many more functions.  There are several key reasons.

What can you do with a scientific calculator?

Best scientific calculator

You can now use your calculator to help you solve trigonometry problems. Which includes sine, cosine, tangent, inverse, and hyperbolic functions. 

Working with trigonometric values, you can change the calculations between degrees, radians, and degrees.  In addition, you now have access to the π button and the Euler constant. There are also buttons that allow you to easily calculate the indicators in the second, third, or any other degree.

Scientific calculator tips and tricks

When working with scientific numbers, there is an “Exp” button that allows you to easily and quickly enter scientific numbers.  Engineering problems use indicators, journals, and scientific numbers.  In addition, all of these types of problems are usually longer expressions that involve several steps to solve manually. 

But with the help of a scientific calculator you can now enter the whole expression, press the equal button, and the calculator will perform all the necessary calculations in the correct order.  Yes, the scientific calculator calculates your tasks according to the order of operations.

Best scientific calculators for College students in 2022

Casio FX-83GTX Calculator

This calculator has a clearer display, simpler menus, a faster processor, and 14 additional features. And is available in several colors.  In the large textbook display, mathematical expressions such as roots and fractions are displays in the same way as in the textbook. Which makes it easier for students to use and understand.

This is an updated version of the calculator. Which includes several new features, including ratios, advanced statistics, and a separator of numbers. Therefore it will have everything your child needs for new math problems.

Casio Advanced Scientific Calculator FX-991EX

This is an advanced calculator that can be used on every exam where you can use a scientific calculator.  Thanks to 550 functions, including spreadsheet calculations, this is the first time the calculator has been made compulsory for all classes. 

This calculator is intended for use in the new AS and A-Level exams, as well as for training for GCSE and above.

The calculator has 550 functions, including a spreadsheet function. Which allows the user to perform basic spreadsheet calculations for the first time on a scientific calculator.  It is equipped with a solar battery with a spare battery. So it is ideal for exams, and your children will never have to worry about the battery discharging when it is most important.

Sharp EL-W516TBSL 16-Digit Advanced Scientific Calculator

This clear scientific calculator has a somewhat retro look.  It has a nice tall LCD display that can display four lines and 16 digits at a time.  I like the clarity and brightness of the key labels, unlike the Casio calculators.  In terms of functionality, any top-level scientific calculator can perform all kinds of calculations.

Texas Instruments TIXS MultiView Scientific Calculator

Texas Instrument TI-30XS is undoubtedly the most bought and reviewed scientific calculator on Amazon, with over 15000+ total reviews. It’s a very simple yet reliable calculator.

It has a 4-line display with solar backup and Math Print feature. You can scroll through each step of the calculation and review the process. The keyboard is not cramped up and is comfortable for long sessions.

Casio FXEX EngineeringScientific Calculator

It’s been around for years and it’s proven to be reliable and extremely useful. On this calculator, I especially like the larger numerical keys. However, I don’t like Casio’s signature yellow-on-black text; which is somewhat hard to read. One of the distinguishing features of this calculator is its capability to display a QR code. You can then scan it with your smartphone and get an image representation of your data.

Texas Instruments TIXIIS Scientific Calculator

The Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator is very simple and reliable. It has a simple 2-line screen with a 10-digit memory. The keys on this keyboard are not as crowded as some of the previous ones on this list. It can perform many functions that a college or university student would need.

Sharp ELWTBSL Digit Advanced Scientific Calculator

It has a fairly retro look to it. It has a large LCD screen that can display up to 4 lines and 16 digits at one time. The keys on this calculator are easy to see and use, unlike Casio calculat­ors. You can pretty much do all sorts of calculations on any high-end scientific calculator.


Casio FX115ESPLUS has more than 5000+ five-star ratings is not easy;  it is incredibly reliable and easy to use.  Like almost all Casio calculators, this one also has a protective sliding cover.  It has strong but light plastic construction.  The white color of the calculator allows you to easily read the keyboard shortcuts.  It can perform all the trigonometry, algebra, and calculus functions you need in a college-level math course.

Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro

This Texas Instruments calculator has long been a favorite of many students in the United States.  It has more than 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.  It has a 16-digit LCD display and a simple plastic design. 

What I like most about this calculator is its blue text over the black body. Which makes the text much more noticeable than the light yellow text used by many Casio calculators, including those on this list.  In addition, it offers all the basic scientific features that you expected from a scientific calculator.

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

The HP 35s Scientific Calculator is the only scientific calculator on the market that allows you to choose between RPN (reverse Polish notation) or algebraic input logic. 

This is a great option for engineers, surveyors, scientists, health professionals, and students.  Use it to run statistics with one and two variables, linear regression, and so on.  Includes a complete library of unit transformations, inverse functions, cubic root, and exponent.

Helect 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator

This is a professional-grade scientific calculator with 240 scientific functions.  It easily handles one and two-variable statistical calculations. Three-angle modes, and scientific / engineering notation modes, so it can solve everything your child may need.  It has a 12-digit widescreen HD display and a two-line display that displays input and output at the same time.

RENUS 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator

This is an advanced scientific calculator with a two-line display, 240 functions, a large screen, and a playback function.  It is ideal for professional and student use in mathematics, science, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, engineering, chemistry, and physics.  All actions are also clearly spelled out in the user manual.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a scientific calculator that will work well for you, consider buying a Casio FX-991ES plus. This model has been praised for its ease of use, accuracy, and durability. It also comes with a built-in memory function that lets you save multiple calculations. Plus, the Casio FX-9911es features a large LCD display, which makes it easier than ever to see and edit your numbers. 

What is a scientific calculator?

A scientific calculator allows you to perform more complex calculations than basic arithmetic, including trigonometry, logarithms, and probability problems. They are also used for solving math, science, and engineering problems

What are the most reliable calculators?

The three most reliable manufacturers of scientific calculators are Texas Instrument, Casio, and Sharps.

What is the best scientific calculator?

Casio FX-991ESPLUS Scientific Calculator.

What's the best way to protect my calculator?

It has a hard case that slides onto the screen or snaps onto its back when you’re using it, so it protects the screen from damage.


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