15 Best SAT vocabulary books in 2022 | Best reviews

15 Best SAT vocabulary books in 2022 | Best reviews

There are hundreds of different SAT vocabulary books on the market, and choosing a good one can be quite confusing.  To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 best SAT vocabulary books on the market.  I will also add some free mobile apps that offer great value.

The best SAT vocabulary books help students achieve the target score.  By following the SAT 2021 exam materials and tutorials, you will be able to learn the content and practice strategies to get good test scores. 

SAT preparation tutorials are your best companions to help you practice, and you can customize your curriculum according to your schedule.  These books will help you maximize your study time and prepare well for the exam. 

The Official SAT Training Manual and the Barron Preparatory Manual for the SAT are some of the most popular textbooks for preparing for the SAT.

How do SAT vocabulary books help?

Genuine commitment, effective training, and daily practice are usually required to make a good SAT.  Having received some of the best SAT vocabulary books, students will be able to develop effective strategies for taking tests and get better acquainted with the main types of questions they will face on the day of the big exam. 

These books can certainly help you prepare, but you still have a lot of work to do.  Below you will find a list of the best books to prepare for the SAT.

What are the common SAT vocabulary words?

Anesthetic, industrious, intrepid, redundant, stubborn, and imperative is all common SAT vocabulary. Of course, no one can predict which words may appear on the test.

However, studying the most common words has two benefits: you learn which words you can see, and you learn about the types of words you will see. Knowing common SAT vocabulary will allow you to better understand reading passages, answer questions about words in context, and write high-quality essays.

How is SAT vocabulary tested?

In 52 SAT Reading Test questions, exactly only 10 questions will task you with the following:

Interpret a word or phrase used in the setting of a larger passage

Analyze how a particular term is used rhetorically within a passage.

There’s more! Out of 44 SAT writing and language test questions, precisely eight will ask you to choose from among different word or phrase options to express an idea most succinctly, exactly, and accurately.

Why Do So Many People Grip Over SAT Vocabulary?

Many students think vocab is an effective way to spend their SAT Study Time, which might make you wonder if it’s a good idea for you, too. But if what I’ve just told you is true, why do so many students study vocabulary when they could be studying something else? Here are a couple of significant reasons:

Studying Vocab Often Feels Productive

Studying vocabulary can make you feel like you’re making a lot of progress in your preparation. After all, you’re learning many new words you don’t know before. It feels good to have a complete collection of words committed to memory, like collecting stamps.

Unfortunately, this may not lead to an increase in your score. If you memorized 1,001 French words, this would not increase your SAT score. Most words on these lists will have a very low probability of appearing on the SAT.

TestPrep Companies Push Vocab to Appear Smarter

Vocabulary study is a great way for test prep companies to look like they’re teaching students something. For example, a prep company might claim to have a unique set of words or boast a comprehensive 2 000-word collection, which is better than a 500- word collection! This is more marketing talk than it is something helpful for improving your SAT score!

Some test prep companies still haven’t fully adapted to the 2016 SAT change, so they may not be able to give you the best score you can get. For instance, some of the SAT preparation books that are supposed to be targeting the new SAT still use old SAT questions.

How Important Are SAT Vocab Words?

Vocabulary is a confusing subject on the SAT. On the old 2016 version of the SAT, vocabulary was heavily tested in the reading section, primarily through sentence completion questions.

Analogies used to be the bane of high-school SAT life. More than half of your SAT reading section score depends on vocabulary. Memorizing SAT vocabulary is necessary to do well.

With the current form of the test, there’s far less focus on testing vocabulary. Sentence completion questions have been completely removed, and all vocabs are now about medium difficulty. This means you won’t be seeing super obscure vocabulary anymore.

Two types of SAT questions deal with vocabulary and definitions of words: Precision and Words in Context.

Best SAT vocabulary books in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar, 5th Edition

Erica L. Meltzer has all 3 best textbooks for preparing for the SAT in writing and language.  For those who may have problems with grammatical or rhetorical concepts tested in the new SAT. This latest SAT Grammar Guide will also help you learn these concepts with exercises design to apply skills you have learned in the context of passages.

At the end of each section, students will work on practical SAT questions that will help consolidate recently learned concepts and put them into practice!  If you need to update your grammar before composing a SAT, this is your book!

SAT Vocabulary: A New Approach

This book helps you increase your reading, writing, language, and essay scores.  Instead of looking at a long list of vocabulary words to memorize. It focuses on vocabulary in context (because that’s what SAT checks you on), which is why it’s one of the best SAT vocabulary textbooks on the market today. 

This book notes that SAT’s vocabulary has changed since 2016, where vocabulary in context is far more important than knowing all the definitions of unintelligible words.

Moreover, this book is divided into 5 different sections. Each of which focuses on a different way to check vocabulary on the SAT.  The last section of this book is always an essay.  Short but concise, this section contains 6 different ways to convince the reader, as well as a list of the 25 most popular words for an essay.

The Official SAT Study Guide

The official SAT tutorial is one of the most recommended books for preparing for the SAT. That is the reason why it also appears on our list of best books.  This book is extremely unique in that it was written by the test developers themselves. 

This book is a great tool for practice, as it contains 8 official SAT practice tests in print (twice as many as in the 2017 edition). As well as additional instructions, recommendations, and information.  In the 2020 issue, the practical tasks and test details have been updated to reflect all the latest changes in the SAT.

Kaplan SAT Prep Plus

Kaplan is a well-known name in the field of test preparation and SAT preparation is certainly no exception.  We had to include Kaplan SAT Prep Plus in this list due to specialized strategies and precise instructions that lead to a truly confident tester. 

Kaplan is guaranteed a higher score, which means that if you do not score more on the SAT. You will receive a full refund for the purchase.  This is an extremely rare guarantee, especially for a preparatory book. As the student has a great responsibility to be disciplined and take his or her preparation time seriously.

Hot Words for the SAT by Barron’s

The Author is Linda Carnevale, who takes a thematic approach to learn new words and memorizing their meaning. Words are grouped by similar meanings and usages, making it easier for people to learn new words.

Key Features:

Each word has its pronunciation key.

Memory tips

Review exercises after every five lessons

An alphabetical word index

Seberson Method New SAT® Vocabulary Workbook

This SAT vocabulary workbook contains some 700 high-frequency words. Themes order words to help improve retention. Moreover, each word follows a little activity that tests your understanding of the word.

Key Features:

Vocabulary is organized into sections focused on real topics you’ll encounter on the SAT, such as history and science.

Learn the difference between similar words and phrases with different meanings.

This focused approach works equally well for students taking the test in a week or a year.

700 high-frequency SAT Words.

Word Smart Edition

Word Smart is a popular SAT vocabulary book around the world. It’s often the first book most college students buy, providing excellent quality. It contains 1400+ words and a list of common root words and usage errors.

Key features include:

There are more than 1,400 words in every savvy student’s vocabulary.

A list of common word roots and their usage errors.

You need vital terms to understand fields such as Finance, Science, and the Arts.

A Vocabulary for standardized tests like the SAT and GRE.

SAT Prep Black Book, 2nd Edition

This book is great for students who want to learn about the structure, format, and tricks of SAT. And for those who want to get practical strategies when it comes to answering questions and saving time. 

This can be useful for students of all levels. As Barrett adjusts his advice according to your target score.  It provides comprehensive explanations of the answers to the questions of the first four official SAT practice tests. 

If the College Board is unable to guide you through the stages of the practical task or explain why other answers are incorrect. This book will guide you in detail through each question on each practice test.

McGraw-Hill Education SAT Elite 2022

It contains eight full-fledged SAT practical tests, including one diagnostic test.  There are five tests in the book and three online.  All this is quite realistic and contains detailed explanations of the answers to each question. 

The practical questions in the book are realistic and reminiscent of official questions.  In particular, the math questions contain real-world scenarios that you are likely to see on the SAT, with issues related to topics such as temperature and ticket sales. 

However, The book is extremely strong in its presentation of SAT Math concepts.  It details all major topics, from expressions and linear systems to less common ideas such as geometry, basic trigger, and complex numbers. 

Barron’s SAT, 29th Edition

The book contains four full-length practice tests in addition to 2 more full-length online tests.  This gives you a lot of opportunities to practice.  It offers a diagnostic test, a useful tool that introduces you to the SAT sets the mood for testing and helps identify weaknesses that you need to address. 

Barron’s is very comprehensive and covers most of the topics you need to know about SAT.  Due to its dense format. It is usually more effective for the best, which can quickly interact with the content and maintain concentration. 


In conclusion, SAT vocabulary books can be incredibly helpful when studying for the test. They provide a wealth of information about words that you’ll use frequently throughout your academic career, which also means that you won’t have to waste precious study time memorizing definitions that you’ll never actually use.


What's the best way to improve your SAT score?

Instead, it’s far better to spend your time studying passage-reading strategies and SAT grammar rules.

What are the benefits of knowing common SAT vocabulary?

Understanding common SAT vocabulary will help you read passages better, answer questions about words and phrases in context, and write quality essays.

What are the words used in these SAT questions?

These SAT questions use words that are fairly common and have multiple meanings.

What is the best way to prepare for SAT?

A focused approach works just as well whether you’re taking the test in a few days or a few years.

What is the SAT vocabulary workbook?

This SAT vocabulary workbook contains some 700 high-frequency words.

How do I know whether my SAT practice test questions are easy?

Overall, you should analyze your SAT practice tests and see if you’re missing easy vocabulary questions or if you’re only missing hard questions because you don’t know enough vocabulary.


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