Top 10 Psychology Internship Abroad Opportunities In 2022.

Psychology is truly a universal discipline that you can start off as a promising career pathway anywhere in the world.

There is a broad job market for students who study psychology this is due to the study of human behavior which can be applied to so many different positions and industries. There is a variety of opportunities for psychology internships abroad. It is as expansive as the discipline itself it is left for you to decide where to go and what to do. 

What you must know

List of top 10 psychology internships abroad.

A psychology internship abroad allows you to practice your skills and study human behavior in a totally different culture and environment. Opportunities related to psychology are broad and varied. 

You can work in public health, social services, or nonprofit organizations. There are opportunities to take part in research, marketing, or educating people in your host community.

But surely you will make an impact!

Advantages of Psychology Internships Abroad

  • Global Perspective of Practices: 

One of the amazing benefits of traveling abroad—for any reason, not just international psychology internships—is an increased and expanded global perspective. In the case of internships for psychologists abroad, this change not only affects your perspective of everyday life but also allows you the opportunity to further develop your understanding of psychology and the different ways it is practiced and viewed abroad.

 psychology work abroad you complete during an internship will encourage you to open your mind to consider the similarities and differences of how psychology is experienced and practiced within various communities.

There may be major overlaps, however, because people experience life differently in different places based on different circumstances, they may be treated differently than you would be based on your practices back home (we know that’s a lot of “different”, but you get the point).

The best psychology internships abroad will increase your ability to work with a multicultural team, as well as with multicultural patients. 

  • Understand How People View Psychology Differently:

Beyond how psychology professionals practice psychology, psychology internships abroad will also expose you to how communities view the practice. There are obviously different subfields of psychology, so this will vary depending on whether your psychology internship placement is clinical, behavioral, cognitive, or within human development, etc. Nevertheless, differences will persist.

Is seeing psychologists stigmatized? 

Are people more private about their personal life and struggles? 

How willing are people to pursue help? 

These are just some of the many questions you will get to experience the answers to during international psychology internships.

Even the concepts of mental health and mental illness vary greatly around the world. Some people may not even have the words to describe symptoms they face because it is simply something not talked about. This is interesting just for the sake of being curious cats, but it will also help you to understand the perspective of different people you interact with throughout your career.

  • Gain the Soft Skills of International Living:

Whether you are looking for psychology internships for high school students or psychology internships for college students, there will be many opportunities to learn new “soft” skills—the skills that increase your ability to effectively interact with people—that will benefit you exponentially in your future.

Your adaptability? 

Your ability to approach people with respect and celebration for their cultural background? 

Your ability to learn to not only live within a new culture but also to work within a new culture? 

Yeah…all of those things are incredibly invaluable and desirable skills to possess in this ever-increasingly global world. You will be able to work with more people from various backgrounds with confidence and ease. 

  • Explore the World:

International psychology internships have the potential of bringing you to many places around the world. 

Have you always dreamed of traveling down to Australia?

 Well, international psychology internships here are easily accessible due to the massive research contributions the country has made for psychology. The United States, Ireland, and Spain also have plenty of opportunities for psychology internships abroad.

If you are looking for an experience a bit more off the traditional path, you can also find internships for psychologists abroad in parts of the Middle East and Africa. Both of these regions will expose you to various ways of considering psychology, as well as many views that communities hold on pursuing help within the world of psychology.

If you’re willing to take the leap, the additional challenges you may face in these wonderful options for international psychology internships will help you learn to live comfortably outside of your comfort zone—a skill that will take you far in life and your career in psychology.

Disadvantages of Psychology Internships Abroad

  •  The Learning Curve of International Differences:

So we mentioned that you’ll have the exciting opportunity to learn new ways that people practice psychology abroad, right? Well, that may mean that there will be a bit of a learning curve. This definitely isn’t a cause for concern, you won’t need to start from square one per se, but it does mean you have to approach your psychology internship abroad with an open mind and a learning mindset. 

These differences in your experience, even if they are challenging, will help you grow as an individual and as a practicing psychologist. Psychology internships abroad vary in hands-on experience, but no matter the case, you will be exposed to differences whether you are observing a psychologist’s practice or interacting with patients directly. 


 Decide when to go.

 Give your calendar a good-hard look and figure out what time of year—and how long—you want to live in Madrid as an intern.

 Choose a location.

 Figuring out where to intern abroad isn’t easy. Gorgeous Paris? Somewhere with a beach? Don’t let ANYTHING hold you back—choose a place that’s right for you.

 Choose from the best intern abroad programs.

 Pay attention to past participants’ reviews, program/job reputation, location, and your ease of getting settled. Some providers may even provide contact info for past interns if you want the REAL dirt. Here’s more advice on how to find the perfect program provider for you. Pro tip: You can use MyGoAbroad to compare programs side-by-side.

 Plan your finances.

 Sort out your ongoing funding before you go to afford daily essentials and splurge in travel (in addition to program costs and airfare). Do your research to have an idea of how much your day-to-day life in Spain will cost, and get to work on learning how to pay for your international internship.

 Get prepared

 Preparing to intern abroad is as fun as it sounds. With the days til departure number dwindling and your excitement boiling, it can be easy to overlook the details. Lean on us to help guide you through your pre-departure process—that’s what we’re here for.

Top 10 psychology internships abroad.

  • SLV Global
  • International Medical Aid
  • VACorps
  • Projects Abroad
  • World Internships
  • Adelante Abroad
  • Intern Abroad HQ
  • The Intern Group
  • Global Experiences
  • IES Internships

SLV Global

SLV Global offers psychology-focused work experience placements abroad. They truly believe in the value of hands-on experience, especially the value of learning these skills in a different culture. Their main goal is to improve the overall mental health of every individual they work with and they want you to help! 

  • Where is SLV located?
  •  Sri Lanka, India, or Bali
  • Period available for study.
  •  2 – 8 weeks duration, year-round.

International Medical Aid

 IMA is a not-for-profit organization, and they contribute at least five percent of their profits back into the communities they work with. They look for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for intern placements and offer plenty of shadowing experience so you can learn first-hand what it is like working as a psychologist. 

Location: East Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.

Duration: 2 weeks minimum duration, May – September


VACorps only runs its internship programs in the city of Cape Town. This means their internship placements are well-vetted and well-connected, so you will get the best possible experience out of the city! Their psychology internship will expose you to the complexities of the mental health care system in South Africa, and you will have plenty of opportunities to help those who need it most. 

Location: Cape Town, South Africa 

Duration: Duration varies depending on preference.

Project Abroad

 Projects Abroad have facilitated volunteer opportunities and internships all around the world – they know a thing or two about the process! Their psychology opportunities abroad allow you to experience working in a mental health center. As an added bonus, you will also have the opportunity to participate in research tasks during your internship. 

Location: Mongolia or Jamaica 

Duration: 4 weeks minimum duration, year-round.

World Internship

World Internships caters to their placements to meet your goals of personal and professional growth. They see interning abroad as an investment, and they want to help you make the most of it! Their psychology placements abroad will put you in a position where you can best help others while learning yourself. 

Location: New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, and South Africa 

Duration: 8 – 16 weeks, January – September

Adelante Abroad

 Adelante Abroad’s range of psychology internships abroad is as wide as its range of locations. You can end up shadowing a professional psychologist in their private practice, work with a women’s rights group, or work in a hospital. No matter where you end up, you will be learning how to help those in need! 

Location: Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Scotland, or Uruguay 

Duration: 1 – 6 months duration, year-round 

Intern Abroad HQ

Intern Abroad HQ is an affordable internship provider. Their fees include everything you need for a smooth trip such as 24/7 support, airport pickup, orientation, accommodation, and meals – the only thing you will have to worry about is how to make the most of your trip! Depending on the location, different fields of work within the psychological field are available, but most positions work directly with the community. 

Location: South Africa, Zanzibar, and Tanzania 

Duration: 2 weeks minimum duration, year-round 

The Intern Group

The intern group wants to do more than just help you travel; they want to help you build employable skills through your internship abroad. The psychology internships are intended to maximize your professional development while abroad. Their internship placements vary from NGOs and nonprofits focused on mental health to business and marketing analysis.

Location: Various locations worldwide

Duration: Duration varies by location 

Global Experiences

 Global Experiences offers flexible professional internships. Their goal is to place you in the best possible internship for you in your field of work. Many of their psychology interns are placed in labs and non-profit organizations or get experience shadowing a professional mentor in counseling sessions. It is the best way to see what a day on the job as a psychologist really looks like (while traveling abroad as well!). 

Location: Various locations worldwide 

Duration: Average duration of 8 weeks, year-round 

IES Internship

When applying through IES Abroad, they guarantee an unpaid internship placement in your field of interest. This is perfect because you know it will be catered to your specific interests. You can even earn university credits during your internship! Ther psychology internships usually involve helping underserved adults with mental health disorders, observing, and providing support.

Location: Various locations worldwide

Duration: Duration depends on location, year-round programs

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