Proctorio Full Review 2022 : What can I do with Proctorio?

Proctorio Full Review 2022 : What can I do with Proctorio?

Many institutions use Proctorio programs to support academic integrity, which leads to the fair assignment of grades after exams.  This software can conduct transporter tests on both campus and online students.  They also provide systematic support to their clients, who are mainly educational institutions

  Online proctoring software records data and sends it for evaluation.  Similarly, the proctor exam is similar to regular exams.  In the current scenario, online learning and teaching is a new routine for students and teachers. 

As a result, they enjoy the benefits of online learning, such as cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and time management.  This simplifies the whole exam process and preserves the authenticity of the exam.

What does Proctorio do?

  Proctorio is a proctoring remote exam service that you can use in some of your classes when you take tests and exams at Canvas. 

Proctorio design to act as an examiner when you take distance or online courses, and your instructor may not be in the room to watch you complete your exams and higher bid tests.  Each instructor has the ability to customize Proctorio to suit their own testing needs. 

Proctorio can record your webcam, your screen, audio, and other activities during the exam session and share this information with your instructor.

What are the features of proctorio?

  • Candidate Authentication: Online proctoring begins with authentication and verifies the authenticity of the candidate and eliminates suspicious behavior during the exam.  The software ensures that the candidate must share a screen and present their photo ID before the exam.
  • Candidate monitoring: monitoring the candidate during the exams.  It raises a flag if a candidate is found to be cheating on any suspicious activity or failing to appear at a screening and hiding a cell phone during an exam.
  • Data storage and evaluation: after raising the flag, the exams stores in the cloud.  After completing the exam, the team will review the exam.

Can Proctorio detect phones?

  Proctoring software can detect the use of a mobile phone, tablet, and laptop while a student is taking an exam.  It can detect when students try to use their mobile phones to access the contents of the test bank during the exam. 

This is a particularly important oversight function. As students have access to more and more electronic devices and teachers find it increasingly difficult to maintain academic integrity.

  To ensure the integrity of the exam, Proctorio will block a number of features of your computer during the exam period, including blocking your browser and turning off new Internet tabs, turning off printing, turning off the clipboard, and turning off right-click (to prevent copying and copying). 

screen in a browser window to prevent the exam participant from accessing external programs, and clears the memory cache from temporary Internet files to prevent the exam materials from saving and redistributing.

Can I cheat on a proctored exam?

  While using proctoring, students use loopholes.  We do not protect or encourage fraud, and this publication is for informational purposes only. 

If you’re wondering how to cheat in online tests, you’ll be amazed at how difficult it can be.  Although we do not encourage. We encourage, students have found how easy it is to cheat during online exams, tests, and quizzes with the right information.  Although it is difficult to cheat exams, we will consider the options used by students.

How to cheat on a proctored exam

·         Impersonation

  Because students take online tests remotely, they can easily hire another person with more knowledge to take the tests on their behalf.  In this situation, the candidate will simply hire another person, and they are ready.  You can use online ID authentication, such as facial ID and biometric data, to prevent impersonation.

·         Using an external projector

  The idea of ​​using an external projector is to use multiple monitors to display your main monitor.  In this case, the candidate will make sure he\she projects the images away from the webcam.  These images should be visible only to you. And your well-informed friends who are on the other side of the room.

Projected images should encourage your friends to discuss or research, and in the processed signal you will receive an answer at the same time.

  However, during the online test, candidates should avoid any unnecessary movements that may arouse suspicion.  If multiple candidates use the same computer to take the online exam, make sure there are no digital remnants, such as browser cookies or the use of the same IP address.

·         Using a virtual machine

  This is a very technical approach, in which a candidate can run two operating systems simultaneously on one computer.  In this case, one OS starts the computer, while the other OS can be minimized in the same way as a computer program. 

Here, your computer will behave like two calculations, and a well-informed friend can sit in the opposite direction and take a test for you.  The webcam will run as the main OS and the test will run in the background.

  Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of virtual machines.  This is something that is technical, and it will require you to learn how it works and how to use it.  They are used by students who cheat on blocked browsers during assessment and testing.

·         Other non-technical approaches to malpractice

  These approaches include using a real textbook or a smaller laptop.  Because proctoring software uses a webcam to monitor your eye and head movements. You can place a tutorial or smaller notebook on the main notebook and use them to find answers. 

This is because the small notebook or textbook will be in the line of sight from the webcam’s point of view.  Candidates can also use sunglasses to hide eye movements.

  Although we have discussed various ways of cheating during the online exam, you should try to maintain academic integrity.  Cheating on an exam is not good.

Can proctorio detect HDMI?

  Most HDMI contacts are twisted-pair with shielding.  However, some of them are isolated.  CEC is used by only a few devices and allows multiple HDMI devices to communicate with each other and send commands.  The hot plug is always used and detects a disconnect event to re-initialize the HDMI driver.  The method (which we used, and we are sure it works) for fraud is to install a virtual box on your computer, where you install proctorio for the exam.  Proctorio does not see what you are doing from the virtual box, so you can search for information.  Some people have reported that if they use a virtual box, it kicks them out.

  What does Proctorio flag?

  The software captures the eye, head, and mouth movements, self-talk, and speed, and can indicate the use of a screen reader or other device that may be reported as “suspicious.” 

Each exam contains everything you asked Proctorio to record, such as video, audio, screen, and student ID.  If Proctorio indicates potentially suspicious activity, these actions will be highlighted in red on the record timeline. 

Proctorio detects fraud using rigorous monitoring software that tracks student activity on their computers. 

It also captures the examination environment, helps identify students, and tracks their positions in the examination room.  … In addition, this software can recognize eye, body, and face movements.


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