87 Best PA schools that do not require GRE in 2022

Best PA Schools that do not require GRE in 2022

This post provides a list of PA schools that do not require the GRE for admission.  We have put together programs and universities that do not need a GRE in the process of applying to school. 

Also, some other important things you need to know about GRE or PA school.

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What percentage of PA schools require GRE?

PA stands for Physician Assistant. 30% of the top 100 PA schools do not require a GRE or require neither an MCAT nor a GRE. 

Some PA schools have individual rules for waiving the GRE score requirement.  However, non-GRE PA programs tend to be slightly more competitive because many applicants are reluctant to take the GRE. 

Therefore, you will have to work very hard on the overall application if you plan to apply only to them.

Is PA school hard to get into?

  Getting into PA programs is not easy.  According to the latest data, the overall enrollment rate in PA schools in the United States is 31.6%, compared with approximately 40% enrollment in medical schools. 

There are over 290 PA programs in the United States and 4 in Canada, each with its own requirements and expectations. 

If you are choosing between a PA or MD or just want more information on what you need for the two types of education, it would be a good idea to read the general entry requirements for both professions. 

If you are applying in Canada, it is best to read the admission requirements for each Canadian medical school and each PA program you are interested in.

What discipline can I major in during PA undergrad?

  Like medical schools, PA programs do not expect entrants to pursue a major in any particular discipline while studying. 

You can pursue a course of interest that interests you and one that you succeed in – remember that you need to get a high GPA to be a competitive candidate, and the best way to do that is to learn what you like. 

When you complete your bachelor’s degree, be sure to make room for the required PA prerequisites.  There are some courses you need to take to make sure your application is considered.

How can I get admission into PA school?

  Well, there are a few areas you can work on before applying.  While applying to the simplest PA schools is a good start if you want to make your life easier, these techniques will help you even more.

  • First of all, we strongly recommend that you apply earlier.  In fact, as noted earlier, only 3 out of 10 entrants manage to get into a PA school.  This is a very low number, so the sooner the better.  Also, consider applying to several schools, not just one.  This will increase your chances of entering PA school.

  • Second, make sure you meet the requirements of the school and work on your weaknesses.  Needless to say, this is an important point to remember, and you want to do your best to enter your future school.

  • And last but not least, fill out the application to the smallest detail.  In fact, the more complete and accurate your essay is the higher your chances of entering school.  Don’t forget to double and triple-check everything to be flawless and flawless.

What is the average GPA for PA schools?

  Recent data show that the overall GPA for the PA qualification is 3.6, the average GPA in science is 3.5, the GPA is 3.6, and the GPA in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (  BCP) CASPA – is 3.5. 

Before you apply, check the GPA’s expectations of the programs you choose and track your GPA in each category as you prepare for your applications.

  When it comes to your grade point average, there are some rules you need to follow.  First, to ensure a high overall grade point average, you are strongly encouraged to pursue a course of study that you really enjoy. 

Remember that PA programs do not matter what subject you are studying for in your bachelor’s degree.  Especially in something that you will succeed in, and take courses that you know you will succeed in.

  While your overall GPA is important, as you can see, PA schools will pay attention to each of the GPA categories when considering an application. 

These averages of scientific and non-scientific prerequisites will not be hidden among the courses you have done well.  So, this means that you have to follow the requirements of the course well.

  PA school application process

  Many PA programs in the United States participate in the Centralized Medical Assistant Application Service (CASPA). 

However, make sure that the programs you choose require you to go directly to individual programs.  If you are applying for CASPA programs, you must apply through the CASPA website.

Best PA schools that do not require GRE in 2022

·         Augsburg University

  The mission of the Augsburg PA Program is based on respect and sensitivity to people of all cultures and backgrounds. And is focused on providing medical care to the underserved population.  Students are well educated in modern medical theory and practice, and graduates are encouraged to work in primary care facilities. 

The program promotes a commitment to excellence in performance. With the highest standards of ethics and honesty, and a commitment to personal and professional development throughout life.


·         Bay Path University

  The Bay Path College Assistant Physician Program teaches a diverse student group to develop compassionate, culturally aware health care providers. Who stand up for their patients, adhere to the highest quality and ethical standards of care, and recognize their responsibility to care for and support progress and leadership in the medical assistant profession.


·         Bethel University (Minnesota)

  Boldly motivated by the Christian faith and in the spirit of Bethel University’s academic excellence and focus on ministry.

The Bethel Physician program will train students to become physician assistants who will develop skills for competent and excellent medical practice, ethical principles, and Bethel’s ethical principles and academic excellence.  , serve their community and all cultures, and have honesty and compassion.


·         Concordia University

  The Physician Assistant program at CUW prepares students to become competent physician assistants. Who provides quality care in a respectful, culturally sensitive, caring, and knowledgeable manner. 

CUW PA graduates are committed to caring for patients in mind, body, and spirit with a focus on primary care and preventive medicine, as well as lifelong learning.


·         Eastern Virginia Medical School

  The mission of the EVMS Physician Assistant is to prepare students for a wide range of health care settings. By teaching them the medical arts and sciences in an inclusive multicultural environment dedicated to patient-centered care. While fostering a strong commitment to clinical and community partnerships. 

The overall goals of the PA program are to prepare graduates for quality care and to educate them as capable leaders in the clinical, research, and community fields.


·         New York Institute of Technology

  The mission of the NYIT Department of Physician Research is based on the belief that everyone has access to quality health care.  Thus, the mission of the program is to: Prepare qualified students for graduation as physician assistant students to provide high-quality, compassionate, patient-centered health care as competent members of an interdisciplinary team to all populations seeking medical care. 

Teach physician assistant students to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers. Who apply their medical knowledge and skills in practice with the highest level of professionalism that governs the profession.  Seek and encourage diversity in the recruitment of underserved groups of teachers, staff, and students to serve a diverse population.


·         Pace University – Pleasantville

  The mission of Pace University, the College of Health Care Professionals, and the Pleasantville Medical Assistant Training Program. Is to educate veterans and graduate students from diverse cultures, providing an academically rigorous learning environment that promotes students’ intellectual, personal, and professional growth. 

The teaching staff and staff will be filled with these qualities and will contribute to the development of a learning community that supports the training of quality physician assistants with attributes such as lifelong learning, service orientation, and a focus on primary care. 

Teachers, staff, and students will demonstrate knowledge, attitudes, and understanding to function in diverse communities, populations, and settings, and to treat all patients with dignity, respect, and compassion.


·         Philadelphia University

  The mission of the Philadelphia University Assistant Physician Training Program is to provide students with the foundation of knowledge, technical skills, and critical thinking necessary to competently perform the functions of a physician’s assistant in an ethical, responsive manner, working with a licensed practitioner.  The second focus is to prepare students to provide comprehensive health services to different groups of patients with inadequate care in urban and rural areas.


Can I get Admission into a PA School without GRE?

Yes, you can! However, non-GRE PA programs tend to be slightly more competitive because many applicants are reluctant to take the GRE. 

Do I need to pay another fees with GRE?

No. Your application needs to be top-notch. You have to convince the institution that you need an admission


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