Successful MBA personal statement Examples in 2022

Successful MBA personal statement Examples in 2022

It can be difficult to figure out what to include in your MBA personal statement.  But you can write an impressive MBA essay if you read successful goal formulations that fit the right format.

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What is MBA personal statement?

A personal MBA application is the path to your goal.  In some schools, this is called a goal statement or goal statement.  This is a document that convinces the members of the Admissions Committee of your suitability as a candidate for the Department of Business Administration

A personal statement convinces the admissions committee that you are the best choice for a position in the Department of Business Administration.  The MBA’s personal statements are like a great cover letter for an interview. 

A good cover letter will tell the hiring commission a little more about you and your suitability for the job.  A great option will give you an interview or even a job offer from your chosen company.  Similarly, your personal MBA application must confirm your acceptance of your chosen business administration program.

Why is an MBA personal statement important?

An exceptionally well-written MBA personal statement can be the gateway to your success and can be shortlisted for an interview at your chosen business school. Which will bring you much closer to enrolling in a future MBA program.

On the other hand, “an essay that identifies any flaws in your candidacy can quickly put you in a bunch of deviations. So the stakes are high when you get to this point in your application.  To learn more about where to start. How you can make sure your personal MBA application sets you apart, and what things you shouldn’t write about – read on.

Is your GMAT score and GPA all that is needed for MBA?

Your academic history, GMAT, and GPA results are important factors in the MBA application process.  But more than that, business schools ultimately care about who you are and whether you fit into their program. 

Here your essays or MBA personal statement come to the rescue.  The goal is to complete the picture that your results and statistics have begun to create.  Do not rush to write these essays. 

They will create an image that the selection committee will see before meeting with you for an interview.  Write, edit and edit again.  Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors in your essay. 

You want your portrait to be clean and clear.  When you are satisfied with your essay, ask it to be read by a trusted friend, mentor, or receptionist.  A fresh pair of eyes can often see what you can’t.

How many words should an MBA personal statement contain?

The personal statement of the master must contain about 500 words.  This is equal to one side A4.  However, some universities require more, often two parties. 

Some agencies also set limits on the number of characters instead of a certain number of words. So read the instructions for use before you start writing your application.

Don’t waste words on autobiographical information.  This is not required in the personal statements of the graduate school. 

Instead, focus on why you want to study a particular program and your potential for successful completion.

How to write a successful MBA personal statement

Focus on the topic

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your personal MBA application.  One thing is that you are constantly focusing on the actual question (s) that are being asked in your essay.  Of course, the questions are often very open and allow you to answer them in different ways.

When choosing a path, try to follow it and constantly remind yourself of the task at hand. So that you may doubt whether you are going too far from what you are trying to write about.  Focusing on the topic and focusing on the question will also help you avoid wasting space and time on inappropriate information.

Show your passion

 A good, compelling personal MBA statement is passionate.  If you allow your passion to shine in every line, you will definitely attract the attention of the selection committee. Which will read your application.  No business school has an interest in an entrant who lacks passion and enthusiasm.

The main goal of every school is to fill its cohort with future leaders who are passionate and committed to success.  Let them know what business goals you have in mind and give them an idea of ​​your ultimate ambitions. 

Whether you want to start a startup, create a non-profit organization, or even join the ranks of the company you already work for. Let the admissions committee know how you see your future in the business world.

Focus on your professional experience and achievements

Not everyone has the passion they have carried with them throughout their lives.  However, since you plan to attend the MBA program, you have probably had professional and personal achievements. 

Emphasize your professional skills and achievements, as well as personal achievements.  Show how these experiences and achievements have led you to this point, and how they have affected your long-term plans and reasons for earning an MBA.

Emphasize your experience in your EMBA essay

An Executive MBA candidate is a manager or manager who is currently working, usually with at least eight years of experience.  As an EMBA student, you are expected to succeed in your course work while continuing to work full time. 

You must demonstrate significant leadership, influence, potential, and a legitimate need to obtain a degree.  Highlight your current responsibilities and recent achievements, as well as your skills. 

Discuss your goals and how the EMBA will help you achieve them.  Indicate how you positively impact the community of the program you are applying for.

Support your claims

It is extremely important that you do not just tell entrants why you are a good fit for their school, that you are a strong leader, or that you have everything you need to succeed in the business world.  Instead, you need to show them all by backing up your statements with examples.

Your claims will look empty and unfounded if you do not have real examples to prove them.  Instead of telling the school how resourceful or imaginative you are. Tell them an anecdotal story that will help them draw their own conclusions.

Successful MBA personal statement Examples in 2022

This is my application to the University of (Name of university) to study for an MBA course.  After graduating from (Name of university). The MBA program will complement and enhance my business and management degree.  The application is accompanied by my resume and evidence of my qualifications, recommendations, and right to study.  This will check the information contained in this program.

I am an extremely hard-working student. And I believe that the more you invest in learning (as in all aspects of life), the more you get out of it.  Learning increases knowledge and confidence.  This, in turn, increases curiosity, which leads to further study.  Ever since I decided that I want to get an MBA to pursue my career. I spent a lot of time exploring all the options available to me.

My first choice is (Name of university).  I compared this university with all the alternatives and decided that this is where I would like to study.  This decision is due to the good reputation of the university in the field of teaching, research, and business partnerships.

These business partnerships allow their students to explore real-life scenarios and apply theories to address these situations.  I believe it is very important to get an MBA from a university that is well known in the business sector. For its progressive and high standards of student learning and development, and the (Name of university) is a good example of this.

To succeed in life, you need to stay focused on what is important to achieve the goal. And therefore it is important to know what you want and why it will help you achieve where you need to be.  This is a process of self-reflection, which is not easy. But will help determine why you want what you are doing.  Part of this process is choosing and applying for where you want to study.

During my studies, I always managed to get a part-time job.  It helped me develop my employment skills and also gave me vital work experience.  The skills I gained included teamwork, which is very important for any field of work, as well as communication and listening skills.

During my experience, I was able to apply the theory of management in practice. Which allowed me to better understand the topic.  This transition from theory to practice demonstrates the relevance of the respected models and structures I have been taught.  Managing people requires an understanding of the vision of the organization and the role of the individual in it. And the very application of this vision is important.  One of the main necessary management skills is empathy. Understanding the role of the employee and his problems in the work context, as well as their personal circumstances.

This MBA program will provide a deeper insight into the theory and practice of management. Which will add to my previous education and work experience.  I believe that the more you understand the role of manager and people management, the more you can add to that role.  My ambition is to be a good manager who is respected and who is a strong motivator.


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