Marble Games Online Free For Adults & Kids

25 Marble Games Online Free For Adults & Kids | 2023

Are you a game lover? Are you looking for marble games online free for adults & kids? If yes you are in the right place, in this article we have listed the top best marble games online you can play for free. So continue reading to know more.

What is a marble game?

According to Marble is a game played with small, round glass balls called marbles.

Marble games involve rolling, throwing, dropping, or knuckling marbles against those of the opposition in order to remove them from a designated area and win them.

Sizes of the balls range. They typically have a diameter of between 1/2 inch and 1 inch (1.3 to 2.6 cm), although they can also be as little as 1/30 inch (0.111 cm) or as large as over 3 inches (7.75 cm).

The images demonstrate how charming the tiny glass balls may be, and how frequently kids gather them. The game and its components are frequently referred to as “taws” in the northern part of England.

The game has been played in numerous nations, although there are numerous versions because the rules are made up by the players. One common practice is to use a marble as a target. Players aim to strike the target by flicking their marbles with their thumbnails. Players in another variation attempt to knock each other’s marbles out of a designated are.

Marble Games Online Free For Adults & Kids

Marble Games Online Free For Adults & Kids

What kids can learn from a game of marbles: Marbles is a geometrical game that incorporates several arithmetic concepts. The game also encourages kids to think and calculate fast. Kids can play free marble games by rolling balls of various colors.

Play online marble games while bouncing balls around the board. Group marbles of the same color together to make them stand out and disappear. Whether you want to relax with a board game or shoot things up, there is a list of enjoyable marble games online free for adults and kids here.

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1. Bubble Shooter

Online match three puzzle game Bubble Shooter requires you to fire and arrange bubbles. You fire colorful bubbles at a wall of bubbles that is hovering above you. To win the game, you need to eliminate every single opponent. To make bubbles of the same colour evaporate, you must connect at least three of them.

At first appearance, the traditional Bubble Shooter appears to be merely a straightforward free-matching game. But it’s also a very addictive online game with tingling graphics.

How To Play

How are bubble shooter games played? When you are sure that your bubble cannon is correctly aimed at the bubble you wish to pop, move it to the left and right a few times. Watch them shatter as you shoot your bubble.

Will your bubble reach its intended location and rip a sizable hole in the bubbly clumps above you? A preview of the next bubble in line can be found in the lower-left corner of your screen. This gives you some room for planning. You can create a pattern of bubbles in a specific hue with some strategically placed shots.

For a very straightforward reason, free online bubble-shooting games are trendy. As you clear the screen, they are simple to play and give you a true sense of accomplishment. Even though there are now a ton of bubble shooter knockoffs on the market, playing the original game is still enjoyable.

Get a new high score, keep the bubbles off the balls, and play as often as you want in this fun combination of arcade-style and puzzle mode. Make that spherical pop in this bubble shoot by getting your beak wet!

It’s simple to play the free online game Bubble Shooter in full-screen mode. If you can, line up your shot such that it bounces off the wall at the ideal angle. You’ll be emptying the screen in no time with a little effort and some good fortune. It’s never been more enjoyable to pop bubbles online. 

Controls: Mouse = Aim & Shoot

2. Bubble Shooter Pro

The number of bubbles you blast off the wall in the classic match three bubble shooting game Bubble Shooter Pro determines how many points you receive. Shoot colourful balls at a wall of bubbles in this fun bubble shooter, attempting to eliminate as many balls as possible by matching at least three of the same hue. It would help if you kept them from colliding with the ground as the wall moved toward the bottom of the screen.

You lose the game and have to restart it when the balls strike the ground. The degree of difficulty is something you can decide depending on your knowledge and abilities. To get your bubbles into the appropriate spots around corners, use the walls as a guide. What score are you able to achieve in this enjoyable match-3 puzzle game? Play Bubble Shooter Pro to learn more!

Controls: Mouse

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3. Smarty Bubbles

You can play the entertaining bubble shooter game Smarty Bubbles for free online. Who doesn’t enjoy blowing bubbles? Like in other bubble-shooting games, you can blast bubbles across the screen in the amusingly named Smarty Bubbles. Your task is to carefully aim the next bubble from your cannon to strike the particular group of bubbles above you. If you can group enough bubbles of the same hue, you can match colours to make them disappear.

It seems magical! You genuinely win the game and can leave with a stunning high score to brag about to your friends if you can clear the whole screen. Enjoy playing Smarty Bubbles! (This game was created without causing any harm to bubbles.)

Controls: Mouse

4. Bouncing Balls

You must match coloured balls in the entertaining puzzle game called Bouncing Balls. Shoot a ball, allow it to bounce, and land it in the target position. You have a straightforward goal in this no-download Bouncing Balls game: clear the slowly moving wall of vibrantly coloured balls before it hits the line at the bottom of the screen. You only need to carefully point your cannon at the wall and shoot orbs at it.

With the right shot, you can make objects of the same colour disappear if you connect three or more of them. Additionally, any extra balls suspended beneath them also fall away. Shoot strategically, bounce projectiles off of walls, and complete each level. Although it seems so straightforward, it is immensely addictive.

You’ll be glued to the screen for a long time playing these Bouncing Balls. One extra level is nothing. Clean up the house by jumping into this free online shooting action puzzle game!

Controls: Mouse


Marble Games Online Free For Adults & Kids

Get rid of all the balls in this full-screen version of the old-school bubble shooter puzzle game. As you strive to create groupings of three or more targets of the same kind, aim and fire different-coloured ammo toward the ceiling. You win when there are no more bubbles in the Bubble Shooter Classic Full-Screen game.

It would help if you extinguished the vibrant bubble wall before it touches the ground as it steadily approaches you. To align your bubble with other bubbles of the same colour, you must aim exactly. The only way to make them vanish as soon as possible and save yourself from losing the game is to do this. Although it seems simple, this Bubble Shooter Classic is in a league.

Controls: Mouse

6. BUBBLE HIT’s Bubble Hit is an exciting bubble-shooting game. This game will make you think of a pack of smarties when you first glance at it. However, you must remove them from the board by connecting at least 3 of the same hue instead of eating them. It would help if you made the large block of coloured bubbles—which include those in shades of green, blue, pink, red, purple, and yellow—disappear. The block is sliding lower, so take notice.

As soon as one of the balloons touches the ground, the game is finished, and you’ve lost, so you’d best shoot them to pair them up before that happens. When there are no more balloons, the game is over. Are you intelligent enough to pop every bubble?

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7. Mable Line

In the free match-3 game Marble Lines, players must remove the line of vibrant marbles before the balls reach the other end. You must combine at least three identical marbles in order to make balls vanish. A new line of marbles will enter the maze at the start of each game. Balls will be travelling down the maze’s course as they approach the exit. The maze’s centre is where you should aim. Rotate the launcher by clicking with the mouse as it is loaded with the subsequent ball and shot.

Attempt to hit as many balls as you can with one shot. Don’t let the line fall into the black hole by matching colours to make it shorter. Use a single shot to set off multiple explosions to earn extra points. During the game, certain cool power-ups will appear on the marbles. Coins will also show up on the screen. You will need to shoot a ball across a gap in order to get to them.

Controls: Mouse


You must shoot colorful balls to clear the stage in the entertaining bubble shooter Bouncing Balls 2. This fun and vibrant free online game of shooting and aiming have many stages with the tricky addition of a ceiling continually falling.

Be quick and use as much precision as you can while using the walls to bounce as you attempt to match three or more bubbles of the same colour. Do you believe you can complete several levels before you fail? Concentrate on the rows that are tall enough to drop massive constructions and complete the task more quickly. Enjoy playing Bouncing Balls 2 online for free!


In Woobies’ free matching game, players must blast fluffy monsters to eliminate them all. You are needed to save an army of adorable, fuzzy, and cuddly Woobies from the crusher. Toss them towards the horde of creatures with similar colours. If there are more than 3 woobies, they will happily flee. Anyone they touch will assist you in fending them off if they have a grumpy appearance.

You have to finish every level in the online game Woobies before the timer expires. So that they will be squashed into nothing, get all the Woobies into a warm, secure habitat. 

Controls: Aim + shoot


Aim against the time in the thrilling bubble shooter game Bubble Shooter Pro 2. Your objective will be to pop them, blasting bubbles of the same colour while this enormous mass of coloured bubbles moves toward the ground. They will pop as soon as you create a grouping of three or more bubbles of the same hue.

Try to beat your high score while killing time during those long office hours with this free online game. To score even more points, aim precisely on the dotted line and attempt to trigger massive chain reactions. 


Your goal in the entertaining free online puzzle game Bubble Breaker is to eliminate every bubble in order to clear the entire screen. Fortunately, they like to group in two or more groups, so when you click on one, all nearby bubbles of the same hue vanish.

As the bubbles on top of them deflate, more clusters might form. After a while, you’ll need to devise a plan to avoid having a large collection of single bubbles that give you no points.

This timeless game of Bubble Breaker can be played in endless and level-based modes. In either case, getting excellent marks is crucial. The yellow, red, blue, or green bubbles will quickly vanish if you click on them. What hue do you consider lucky? The charming red with hearts or perhaps the uplifting green? Choosing a favorite color is no point if you ultimately get rid of all of them. Is it feasible to get to a bubble-free state?


You’re tasked with popping every bubble in the fun bubble shooter game Zumba Mania before they all fall into the end hole. Your goal in this entertaining free online game is to shoot coloured bubbles into rows of three or more of the same hue to cause them to pop.

You’re probably used to firing at enormous clusters of bubbles constantly moving toward the bottom and most usually near the top of the screen. The bubbles are arranged in a long row and move straight toward a hole this time. You will lose the game if a bubble falls into the hole, so try to pop them all as soon as you can. Playing Zumba Mania is enjoyable!


In the fun bubble-shooting game Super Bubble Shooter, you must pop all the bouncy balls to pass each stage. As you aim and fireballs to line up three or more of the same colour to make them pop, this free online game will keep you entertained for hours. Pop every ball to complete each stage.

Shoot with precision to save your priceless bubbles. You will only be able to shoot a certain number of bubbles on each level, so attempt to create massive combinations that start chain reactions in order to pop more balls with each shot. To continue playing, unlock each stage and go to new places. Play Super Bubble Shooter for free online and have fun!


Marble Games Online Free For Adults & Kids

The classic Bubble Shooter is combined with the newer Bubble Spinner! The object of the Bubble Spinner is to remove every bubble from the rotating board while scoring as many points as possible. A group of bubbles of the same hue will pop. Use your mouse to aim and shoot to remove each bubble one at a time and empty the entire screen.

Aim carefully to strike other bubbles of the same colour, as you can always tell what colour will come next. The platform will turn more quickly the farther to the sides you shoot. To reach seemingly out-of-reach areas, use strategy and launch your bubble against the wall first. For this effervescent journey, are you ready? Good luck with the online and cost-free Bubble Spinner.


A fun three-dimensional bubble-shooting game with amazing graphics and music effects is called Bubble Tower 3D. While bubble shooters often require you to pop various coloured balls to complete the stage, this one allows you to rotate around a tower rather than just confronting a single-sided level.

Shooting 360 degrees around a tower is much more enjoyable because you can use your bubble to position yourself for excellent shots, but it is also much more difficult. Try not to miss shots since there will be many more bubbles for you to pop, and another layer will soon appear, pushing the others closer to the bottom.

Your game will end if the bubbles touch the ground. Try to clear the stage and save unique bonus bubbles for tricky situations. Enjoy using Bubble Tower 3D!


You can play the entertaining and addictive bubble-shooting game Smarty Bubbles 2 for free online. In order to bust the bubbles and clear the stage, you must shoot bubbles that match three or more of the same colour. Create massive chain reactions and finish each level as quickly as you can to achieve the maximum score.

Every level has a star that must be popped to complete the level. Don’t spend any time; each second counts as the massive collection of bubbles steadily descends to the screen’s bottom. You will lose the game and have to restart it once the bubbles cross the yellow line. What is your limit? Playing Smarty Bubbles 2 is enjoyable!


You can play the enjoyable bubble-shooting game Bubble Pop for free online. Your task is to burst every bubble. Bubble Pop takes you back to a very traditional popping movement. It’s an enjoyable puzzle game with straightforward instructions.

To make bubbles pop, swipe over three or more of the same-colored bubbles consecutively. You must use a set amount of actions to make a specific number of balls vanish in each level. You’ll need to deploy special, explosive bubbles and chain reactions deftly. Do you possess the ability to complete every level? Enjoy yourself with Bubble Pop!


Math Lines is a fun, addicting, and extremely difficult bubble shooter game that makes learning math interesting. You must finish the level in this no-download video game by launching bubbles into matches with other players before they reach the last hole. But this game gets a clever little twist that ups the fun factor.

This time, popping the bubbles won’t require color matching. You must match any pairs that sum up to exactly 10. Each bubble contains a number. Thus you must match a bubble containing the number nine with a bubble containing the number one in order to bust it. Be quick and aim precisely to pass each stage. Playing the free online game Math Lines is a blast!

19. HERU

Here is a captivating match-three puzzle game with Zuma and marble lines elements. On the giving road, colourful little balls will roll around the screen. Use your mouse to aim and shoot to group marbles of the same hue. Form a chain with at least three marbles of the same hue to eliminate them. To alter the upcoming marble’s color, press the spacebar. A ball can also be thrown aside. If you get rid of every ball on the screen, you go on to the next level.

Your goal is to keep the balls as far away from the black hole at the path’s end as possible. You forfeit the match when they reach this stage and must restart at level 1. Every level’s marble run will take on a different shape, making it more difficult to predict where your ball will strike the chain. Are you up for this vibrant and entertaining challenge? Free internet access to learn about and enjoy Heru

Controls: Mouse = aim and shoot, spacebar = Change the color of the ball


In the enjoyable match three game Bubble Shooter 3, your goal is to eliminate every vibrant bubble on the screen. This free online game has extremely straightforward rules. Aim your bubble at a group of the same color, and if you manage to link three or more of them, they will all disappear.

You may quickly clean the screen by taking a few shots because they even take every bubble hanging underneath them with them. The puzzle component is a part of the appeal this time.

To remove all the bubbles, you have a finite number of bullets. Five times of unsuccessfully aiming at a bubble will add more bubbles to the level for you to pop. To ensure you win each stage, you must prepare and aim accurately. Begin grouping three or more marbles of the same colour. The game is over when the balls touch the bottom line of the screen. More points are earned if you can knock down more balls with a single shot. Prepare yourself with Bubble Shooter 3 to pop some bubbles.


Skydome is an entertaining match-three adventure game that tests your ability to move various colored tiles to remove them from the stage and score points. This online game is free and pits you against strong opponents in multiple stages with various objectives.

You must carefully examine the stage to decide which piece to move in order to form rows of three to remove them from the field, four to produce bonus tiles, or even five to obtain a special bomb. Do you believe you can defeat all of your competitors? Play Skydome right away and enjoy yourself!


Here is Match Drop, a delightful match 3 puzzle game. To make the blocks stand out, you must match at least three of the same color. You must perform a unique challenge in as few moves as you can on each level. Look for explosive blocks and gather bonuses to aid in mission completion.

Use a bomb to blow up a lot of bubbles or a Diamant to cause the bubbles to explode in its path. To advance to the next level, you must fulfill additional requirements each time. Can you master this fantastic bubble-shooting game? Match Drop is a fun game that you can play for free online at Find out more!


As you try to dig your own diamonds in this enjoyable match-3 puzzle game, join the ancient treasure miner Jack and listen to his Gold Rush tales. Simply remove groups of three or more identical things from the board. Before the top row touches the screen’s top, search for as many hidden riches as you can. Sound too simple to you? Find out how long you can keep those riches from touching the ceiling by getting started right now.

To remove any valuables from the screen that are grouped together in three or more, click on them. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across groupings of eight or more, and your block of goods will significantly decrease in size. More unique bricks, such bombs or treasure chests, will start to appear as you progress. Learn how to use them and have fun with Gold Rush.


Marble Games Online Free For Adults & Kids

In the captivating match-3 game Jewel Crush, which is modeled after the original Candy Crush, you must switch out pieces in order to clear them. Your objective in this no-download game on will be to gather a list of precious stones in order to pass each level. In order to pass the levels with up to three stars, try to accumulate as many points as you can.

How adept are you at identifying related components and their locations? Look for stones or diamonds that can start a massive chain reaction to remove lots of fragments at once. Use specialized gems to destroy entire rows, among other things. Enjoy Jewel Crush, a great new free game online!


As quickly as you can, remove those amusing jelly blocks to accomplish the requested task. By touching on at least two adjacent blocks of the same color, you can achieve this. Get an extra refill by getting rid of a chain of five identical jellies, and explosives are available if you can match ten of the same sort. You see, in the addictive puzzle game Jelly Collapse, the more you destroy, the more fun you have, and the quicker you complete the stages.

Do you believe you can successfully complete every level of this entertaining jelly game? Collect as many jellies as you can right away to see whether you can maximize your score. You’d better get started playing this game right away because it’s simple to learn and very addictive. Play Jelly Collapse for free online at and have fun!

Controls: Tap the display.