What is M7 MBA & the M7 business schools in 2022?

What is M7 MBA & the M7 business schools in 2022?

M7 MBA business school is used to describe the seven most elite business schools in the world.  “M” in M7 means “Magnificent”.  Many years ago, the deans of the seven most influential private business schools came together to form an informal network known as the M7.  The network meets twice a year to share information and talk about some of the most pressing issues in graduate business education.

  M7 Business Schools offer their graduates many opportunities to influence and change industries as well as geography.  In this article, we compare and compare M7 business schools in terms of employment reports, rankings and alumni base, as well as answering some important questions from a candidate’s perspective.

Is there any advantage to attending M7 MBA business schools?

  Although a person does not need to earn an MBA to get a high-paying job, the data show that graduates of the M7 MBA business schools tend to receive a salary in the 6-digit range compared to students from lesser-known or younger programs.

What are the M7 MBA business schools?

  M7 business schools include Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago, and Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  .

  Each business school has unique characteristics, but they have one thing in common: they are very competitive and the level of acceptance ranges from six to 24%.  Your efforts to get a place will be worth it.  According to the rating, graduates of M7 business schools can receive stellar salaries, ranging from 190,975 US dollars to 222,625 US dollars.

Are M7 MBA business schools hard to get into?

  M7 business schools are very competitive and require the highest GMAT scores.  MBA graduates from these schools also see a pay rise and can expect to sit at 6 digits after graduation.

  M7 Business Schools: Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia Business School, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago Booth and MIT Sloan.

What are M7 MBA business schools acceptance rates?

M7 business schools acceptance rates are the most stringent. So, you have to have an extremely good profile.  But what is a good profile for entering M7 business schools?  A good profile here means that you need to emphasize your extracurricular activities, awards and achievements, social work experience and the positive impact you have created on your environment and your contribution to society!

  Because we already know how low M7 Business School admissions are to stand out from the crowd and leave a mark in advertising, you need to communicate through your program how unique you and your experience are about contributing to their school community.

  M7 Business Schools shape their entry process so that they can quickly find out if you have leadership skills or not.  So from extracurricular activities to learning or career success, personal achievement / or volunteer initiatives, make sure you emphasize your leadership potential.  You can recall situations where you led a team and made a significant contribution to the organization when things went south.

  What is the cost of attending M7 MBA business schools?

  The total cost of an elite MBA at one of the M7 schools now ranges from $ 297,650 at Stanford University School of Business to the lowest at $ 270,002 at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.  These amounts include the opportunity to incur the loss of income from dismissal to attend school for two years, but not the interest you may have to pay on your student loans.  No matter how you cut, the costs are terribly high.

List of M7 business schools in 2022

·         Columbia Business School

  Columbia Business School is part of Columbia University, the Ivy League Research University, founded in 1754.  Here, students benefit from ever-evolving learning and the ideal location of the school in Manhattan, New York.  Colombia’s MBA program teaches students to manage, build, and run businesses with 150 full-time faculty.


·         Harvard Business School

  Harvard Business School is one of the most famous business schools in the world.  It is a business school of Harvard University, a private university of the Ivy League, founded in 1908.  Harvard Business School is located in Boston, Massachusetts.  It is known that the two-year MBA program at the school has an intensive curriculum that focuses on real practice.


·         MIT Sloan School of Management

  The MIT Sloan School of Management is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  MIT Sloan students will gain hands-on management experience and the opportunity to collaborate with peers in MIT’s engineering and research programs.

  The two-year full-time MBA program promotes flexibility and focus.  The core curriculum includes the study of economic analysis for business decisions, data, models and solutions, communication for managers, organizational processes and financial accounting.  Additional core electives include management finance, introduction to operations management, competitive strategy, and marketing innovation.


·         Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management  

  Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is located in Evanston, Illinois.  It is known that this is one of the first schools that advocates the use of teamwork in the business world and still promotes group projects and team leadership through its business curriculum.

  The Kellogg Full-Time MBA program provides several different options for students to earn a qualification.  Options include a one-year MBA program, a two-year MBA program, a dual-degree MMM curriculum, a joint MBA degree from Kellogg and McCormick School of Engineering, and JD-MA, a ten-month option consisting of law and business classes.


·         Stanford Graduate School of Business

  Stanford Graduate School of Business, also known as Stanford GSB, is one of seven schools at Stanford University.  The business school is as selective as the university itself and has the lowest level of admission among any business school.

  The MBA school program encourages personalization, giving students enough space to make changes according to their interests.  Stanford GSB also offers a one-year master’s program, a doctoral dissertation and several educational programs for executives.


·         University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business 

  The Booth Business School of the University of Chicago, also known as the Chicago Booth, is a graduate business school founded in 1889 (one of the oldest business schools in the world).  Chicago Booth is well known for its multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and data analysis.

  The Chicago Booth MBA covers accounting, economics, psychology, sociology and statistics.  During the 21-month program, students can also choose from 13 concentrations.  For those who are unable to participate in the full-time program, there are more flexible options, such as the Evening MBA or the Weekend MBA.


·         Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

  Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, simply known as Wharton, is a business part of the Ivy League at the University of Pennsylvania, a private university founded by Benjamin Franklin.  Wharton is well known for its outstanding graduates as well as its unsurpassed finance and economics curricula.

  The Wharton MBA provides a general business education as well as a depth of 19 majors and nearly 200 electives.  Students choose their path based on their educational career experience and goals.  The course is held on campus in Philadelphia and lasts 20 months (including the recommended summer internship of three and a half months)



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