how long does it take to learn Russian

How long does it take to learn Russian in 2022 

How much time do you spend learning Russian?, How long does it take to learn Russian? If you want to improve your skills, you should now study the language. In this article, I’ll share some valuable tips on getting started. 

how long does it take to learn Russian

According to the Foreign Service Institute of the United States, it takes about 1100 hours of study to reach fluency in Russian.

Russia has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The country boasts a large population of over 143 million people, and its economy is worth $2.1 trillion. This makes it the fourth-largest economy in the world. It is also the largest city in Europe and the ninth most populated city worldwide. 

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Method Or Ways To Learn Russian 

A Russian Personal Teacher for Cultural Immersion 

The best way to become fluent in a foreign language is by immersing yourself in a native speaker. Not many people have the luxury of dropping everything and moving to a new country to learn a new language. However, by connecting with a native speaker during your Russian tutoring sessions, you can experience essential aspects of immersion. 

You were learning Russian online means that your tutor will teach you more than just the standard vocabulary and grammar when you study.

A professional, native speaker Russian tutor has the experience and expertise to help you learn the nuances of the language, including slang, cultural references, and when to use specific phrases. These aspects can be easy to overlook in a traditional classroom setting. 

Learning with a native speaker will help you understand the language better. You’ll have more meaningful, engaging, and fun conversations. When you learn Russian, you’ll be able to gain access to knowledge that you usually wouldn’t be able to obtain without being immersed in the language. 

Learn Russian through an online school 

how long does it take to learn Russian

Because I often travel to Russia-speaking countries, I’d also like to learn the language. 

So far, so good. I’ve been trying out some of the apps, and they seem useful. But I felt I needed a bit of extra help. After looking into online schools to learn Russian, I found Leader. 

This educational center is situated in Belarus and is reportedly one of the largest educational centers in the country Leader Language School is a full-fledged English language school that has been helping students from all over the globe for over 20 years now.

They offer online courses, both in groups and individually. Since joining this online school, I’ve been taking two private lessons per week, combining reading and speaking. I’ve noticed that my Russian language has improved since I started using this online school. 

A leader also provides student visa support for people coming to Belarus to study Russian. They arrange visas, find accommodation for you, and organize leisure activities and various events where you can meet people who speak Russian and learn more about the country. 

You’ll get an international certificate after completing your studies, so if you need it, you can use it later on when applying for a new job or developing your career path. 

Gamifying makes learning fun. 

You get points for correct answers. Complete each lesson at least once before moving on to the next one. You get points deducted from your score if you give an incorrect answer. You have to start the game again if you run out of hearts. Games are fun. And I enjoy learning a new language. You’ve got a powerful Russian earning machine if you get these two things together. 

Apart from those fun things, there are a few perfect things. For example, you get immediate feedback on your answer. Learning faster means that you’ll be able to learn more. You always know what you did right and wrong at each step. 

If you don’t get all the answers after doing an entire lesson (or even worse, not at all), then you’re going to handicap the learning capability of your students seriously. 

Learning Russian With  Pimsleur 

This guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a great way I use to learn any new language, including Russian: The Pimsleur language course. 

These half-hour audio lessons will teach you perfect Russian pronunciation as no one else will. Each class includes an English-speaking narrator who speaks in English and one or more native speakers of Russian who speak in Russian. 

The Russian speakers will speak in short, simple sentences, and you’ll be asked to respond under the English narrator’s instructions. 

What makes this method successful is the interval system used by it. Between hearing a word for the first time and having to remember it and repeat it is when you start learning new words and phrases. 

You’ll constantly be recalling words and expressions that you learned earlier in this lesson and from previous studies. 

As you progress through the game, the narrator will ask you questions like “How would you say, ‘Where do you work?” You have to pull an answer out of your memory, even though there has been no prompting for a while.

If you combine the learning strategies I shared with the learning strategies I share here, you’ll be able to learn Russian in no time. Russian Pimsleur method 

You can try the Russian Pimsleurs’ courses for free! 

How to learn and memorize Russian words Fast

For the past 11 years, I’ve been learning how to speak seven different foreign languages while traveling around the globe. When learning these other languages, I tried and tested various learning techniques. 

It turns out that the speed at which you can learn a new language depends on only one thing. Memory. More specifically, how long does a word stay in your short-term memory before it gets transferred to your long-term memory? 

Here is the set I used with Russian vocabulary to learn and remember them easily. 

Please write down the new words and sentences as you hear them 

how long does it take to learn Russian

If you want to learn how to pronounce a foreign word correctly, pause the video or audio lesson you’re listening to and write down the new phrase the way you hear or read it. For example, if I watched a Russian movie and saw the subtitles say something like “The hero asks where the toilet is,” I would understand that he asked for directions. 

At that moment, I will listen to what he says in Russian, which sounds like “Gid-delay tualet?” And I will write these two expressions down together with their translations. 

Record yourself reading your notes 

After I’ve recorded myself saying the new words or phrases I’ve learned from the video or audio lesson, I’ll listen back to it and correct any mistakes. Usually, I record myself with my phone, but sometimes I use my laptop. 

Find good audio material. 

If you want to watch movies, type and look for them there. Russian films with English subtitles on YouTube 

The key is to look for a movie with good sound quality and English subtitles. You could also use videos on YouTube or listen to Russian language podcasts on an app called RussianPod101.

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Factors That Affect How Long it Takes to Learn Russian

Once you’ve determined your proficiency level, you need to understand what circumstances will help you learn Russian better. 

Your Attitude 

Your attitude also has a significant impact on how quickly you learn Russian. If you approach language study positively and view it as an exciting and exciting opportunity to broaden your horizons, you’ll be more willing to learn. You’ll be more likely to study and remember if you’re motivated. And the whole process will be more fun and, consequently, faster. 

The Time Dedicated to Learning 

Naturally, how long you take to learn Russian also depends upon how much time you plan on dedicating to language learning each day, weekly, or monthly. Studies have shown that students willing to devote one hour per day to language learning learn significantly faster than those who attend weekly classes. 

Method of Learning 

Having the best language learning methods to achieve Russian fluency faster is essential. Your Native Languages may look different from each other, but they’re quite similar. 

Learning should be relatively simple if you’re already fluent in English because they share similar origins. Cognates can make learning Russian more accessible and faster than you expected. 

Your Motivation 

Motivation is crucial for learning a new language. It would be best if you were motivated to learn. 

Learning a new language isn’t easy. It would be best if you had motivation, effort, and a positive attitude to succeed. Remind yourself regularly why you’re learning the language and the advantages awaiting you after completing the process. 


In conclusion, I hope this article has answered your question! Learning any language takes dedication and practice, but learning a new language should be fun and rewarding if you have the right tools and support. And even though learning Russian may seem like a daunting task, it’s very similar to English,

which makes it easier than you might think. Learning Russian is a good idea. It gives you many opportunities to explore another culture and meet new people. If you are looking for a career change or would like to travel abroad, learning Russian could be the answer.


Why Learn Russian?

With Russia’s economy continuing to grow, learning Russian has become an excellent way to gain a greater understanding of this vital country and open up a world of possibilities for exploration

How much time should you devote to Russian language study?

If you dedicate half an hour to an entire day of studying for one week, it’s much better than cramming five or six hours of intense study on the weekend. 

What are your tips for learning Russian?

Repeating words and sentences regularly, even for just a few minutes each day, will be much more effective in helping you learn new vocabulary than trying to cram tons at once. 

What is fun learning material?

I get my hands on fun learning material that will keep me motivated and entertained while studying the language. 

How do I study?

Most people will usually download videos from YouTube or buy an app and put these audio/visual lessons on their phones. 

Is Russian the hardest language to learn in the world?

It’s not harder than any other language to learn Russian. 

Why Learn Russian?

Maybe you’d like to learn Russian for fun? 

How do I learn Russian?

What’s the best method for learning Russian? You first need to find a great teacher who can help you progress in whatever language you want to know. 

What can I do?

It would be best to have internet access, a webcam, and enthusiasm for language learning.

How do I find a Russian teacher?

With personalized online Russian lessons, you can: Find Russian tutors for any budget, Take Russian classes at the perfect time for your busy schedule, Connect from anywhere, Regularly review plans to reach your learning goals Always have your Russian tutor’s full attention. Get help from our customer support team when you need it. To find the perfect Russian tutor on Preply, adjust the search filters to match your requirements for online courses. 

How do I know if my Russian teacher is right for me?

A professional tutor can help you get the positive attention you need from others.