How to learn Italian fast in 2022 | Simple Daily Hacks

How to learn Italian fast in 2022 | Simple Daily Hacks

In addition to Italian online courses and other great Italian resources, there are some really exciting (and fun) webs and mobile apps that will teach you to how to learn Italian fast.

Learning a new language online can be daunting at first, especially if you’re starting out as a complete beginner.  However, using the program to learn Italian has a lot of freedom.  You can focus on the most interesting topics, and you can always work at your speed.  You still need to have a certain direction if you want to speak freely.  Here are some tips on how to effectively use the program to learn Italian online.

Why learn Italian fast?

The first thing you need to think about is why you want to learn Italian fast.  Are you going on a trip to Italy?  Do you ever want to study there?  Or maybe you want to learn to talk freely with your family. 

Finding out why you’re interested in the language and what your goals are can help you choose which app to use.  You will have a clearer idea of ​​what to focus on, and achieving your goals will give you the motivation you need to keep moving forward.

Can you learn Italian fast by watching Italian movies?

Another way to quickly learn Italian is to watch Italian television and movies.  Dialogue can happen very quickly, and sometimes it is difficult to follow, so it is always useful to watch with English subtitles.  As you watch, be sure to pay attention to how the actors pronounce the words and phrases and follow the text.  In addition, repeating what you hear can help improve your pronunciation!

The idea is to mimic language immersion as best you can.  Although full immersion is the fastest way to learn Italian, not all of us can spend our days studying in Tuscany or Rome.  Surrounding yourself with Italian media, you can get certain daily benefits that immersion brings, no matter where you live.

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How to learn Italian fast in 2022

1.      Online courses

How to learn Italian fast

In fact, a well-structured online course is a great way to reach your goal quickly.  You can learn and practice Italian anywhere you have access to your smartphone.  These free programs work well to help you learn new phrases and other language skills, but for a small fee of just $ 15, you can gain a deep learning experience. 

Most paid online platforms have a program that combines audio programs – vocabulary recognition – and grammar.  Among the various versions of the program available on the Internet, choosing one can be quite difficult.  Our best choice for beginners is Babbel, but here is a brief overview of some of the best tools to choose from.

2.      Listen to Italian podcasts

One of the easiest ways to understand new words is to listen to podcasts.  You can run the podcast at bedtime in the evening or in the gym or in the car.  They are great for listening, but not good for reading, writing, and speaking words.

Podcasts are available for intermediate and advanced speakers.  They are not structured as a course, but they are certainly the best way to immerse you in the world of language learners.  Finally, you can hear the correct pronunciation along the way.

3.      Online APP

If you want to start learning Italian words in a fun and easy way. Pick up your smartphone and download the free Duolingo app.  Among the many free programs tested, Duolingo is the most complete tool for those who want to improve or learn Italian.

The application teaches you Italian pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar with the help of gamification techniques in a fun interactive form.  This game structure of the Duolingo program will interest you so much that you do not mind learning the most difficult topics. 

You get rewarded for practicing new words, improving verb declension skills, and more.  Thus, each course is addictive and educational.

4.      Read books in Italian

Most experienced Italian speakers believe that the best way to learn a new word is to stimulate your brain, that is, to read Italian books.  If you primarily want to use an application or online resources that are not so organized, the book can be a fantastic way to improve learning.

You can absorb knowledge by reading each word over and over again.  Not only that, you can even correct your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and phrases by pronouncing them aloud.  It may be best to become a native speaker.

5.      Use flashcards

Memory is crucial when learning a new language.  If you want to learn complex languages, such as Italian, cards are definitely one of the best ways.  This will allow you to better pronounce verbs that are absolutely significant in this Italian language.

Several Italian teachers believe that instead of reading vocabulary lists from a book, it is better to work step by step, writing down phrases and adding images to help you remember them.  Perhaps this is the only way to immerse you in Italian culture, starting with its language.

6.      Watch Youtube videos

Watching YouTube videos is a fun and inexpensive way to learn any language.  You listen to the correct pronunciation and watch the hand gestures of Italians who speak their language.  Remember that gestures are an integral part of effective communication.

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Best Apps to help you to learn Italian fast

·         Rocket Italian

Rocket Italian is probably the best structured online course for Italian, and web and mobile applications are equally comprehensive.  The platform offers comprehensive courses to help you learn all language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing).  The program focuses on teaching practical phrases and dialogues instead of isolated words and difficult grammar.

·         Babbel

Babbel has completely taken over the language market thanks to its attractive design, dialogue-based learning, and small lessons (15 minutes) that you can easily do every day. 

The fact that you are immediately confronted with dialogues is fascinating and helps to understand how the language works from the beginning.  There are also occasional grammar and cultural notes that stick it all together, and many interesting courses that act as additions.

·         italki

 italki is a platform for language tutors with a list of over 870 online teachers and tutors in Italian.  The italki platform is a well-known, reliable, and best platform for practicing Italian online. 

You can work with a native Italian speaker one on one, and lessons are provided directly through the italki app or through other popular video conferencing services such as Skype or Zoom.  If you are not ready for private online Italian lessons or you do not like them, you can also take group classes.

·         MosaLingua

Mosalingua Italian Resources uses a variety of techniques to help you learn to read Italian and improve your Italian reading skills.  MosaLingua offers a combination of cards, videos, audio, and even complete e-books to help you learn Italian online. 

The platform is a completely self-managed resource, so you can choose the activities, subjects, and topics you want to study.  The amount of content offered by MosaLingua is really impressive, and it completely immerses you in the Italian language!

·         FluentU

There is no better app to experience Italian diving online than FluentU.  FluentU creates immersions in the Italian language using real-world videos in a variety of forms, including interviews, music videos, and commercials. 

All videos have interactive subtitles that make them easier to view and understand.  There are also cards and repetition exercises to help you test what you have learned.

·         Glossika

Glossika revolves around the concept of repetition interval, which has become virtually a requirement in new language learning programs. 

The app customizes the content to suit your level and uses audio-based lessons to create an exciting environment and help you speak Italian from the start.  The platform also uses dictation, multiple-choice, and gap-filling so you can practice.

·         Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular Italian programs on the market if you want to learn this language for free.  Although Duolingo offers many of the same features as paid competitors such as Busuu and Rosetta Stone, the free version of this program is almost as reliable as its additional paid subscription. 

The Duolingo Italian language course is relatively reliable, but it is not as strong as the European language courses of this program.

·         Lingodeer

Lingodeer is a grammar platform.  From this list of Italian language programs, this may be the one most reminiscent of a traditional course, as it relies on grammatical explanations along with learning a dictionary to help you understand the complexity of Italian from the beginning. 

In addition, Lingodeer offers some additional tools to help you learn Italian, such as quizzes and tests, cultural stories, and cards.

How soon can I learn to speak Italian?

Learning any language takes time and endurance. Every student should study both grammar and vocabulary, but the longer you stick to it, the more natural and enjoyable your learning will be. If you start, you are already halfway there.

What is the easiest way to learn to speak Italian?

Enter common Italian words and Italian numbers for a wide range of interests, such as astronomy. Start with easy content. A short time (5-10 minutes) daily. Watch the same video or news in Italian many times, not just once. Speak along with the audio to get results fast, don’t just listen passively.