How to Install College Football Revamped on Ps3

How to Install College Football Revamped on Ps3

There hasn’t been a college football game in an NCAA football game since 2014. The PS3 is one of the most powerful gaming consoles ever made, but it’s also very expensive. The good news is that you can get your hands on a cheap used PS3 for around £100. In this article, we’ll cover how to install college football revamped ps3.

The most interesting thing is that we will also show a video on that

Requirements to Install college football revamped on ps3

Ps3 console

Of course, you’re going to need your PlayStation Three console and it must be modified. It can be modified either using full custom firmware, meaning that the system is modified in that state on cold boot, or you can have PS3 hen installed. The instructions are going to be the exact same, except if you’re using PS Three hen, you are going to have to just enable hin before you start this whole process.

Copy of NCAA Football 14

You’re also going to, of course, need a copy of NCAA Football 14. You can use the disk-based version of it. There are instructions for a digital copy of it as well, too. But we will be using a disc for it.

USB Drive

Finally, you are also going to need a USB drive at least 8GB in size in order to download a few files from your computer and transfer them over to that USB drive to then install on the PlayStation 3.

Steps to Install College Football Revamped on Ps3

How to Install College Football Revamped on Ps3

The instructions are going to be the exact same, except if you’re using PS Three hen, you will need to enable hin.

Step 1

you should be at about this space right here where you have your modified PlayStation Three and you have Multi-Man already installed. We’re going to be using Multi-Man for this and this is going to be able to allow us to install the game. So first of all here, if you have PS Three Hin, the only difference is going to be you will need to enable Hin. If you have not done so for any PS Three Hin users, go ahead and enable it.

step 2

If you have full custom firmware, you do not have to do the step above. Next up, you will have to take your NCAA Football game. Go ahead, pop it into your PlayStation Three, and install it using Multi-Man. So go ahead and fire up your installation of Multi-Man. Once your Multiman fires up, go down to where NCAA Football 14 is showing.

Press the triangle button and then come up to copy. Press X and copy it to the internal hard drive. You can press X. Yet again, and say yes to this and then let it do its thing. Thankfully, this is a small enough game, but you’re just going to need to give it some time to copy over.

While all this is copying over, you can let it cook over on the ps3 and you’re going to go over to our PC with a USB drive on hand. It is worth noting if you already have the game backed up and you’re just wanting to transfer it over to your PlayStation Three internal hard drive, it should go into Dev hard drive Zero for the internal drive and should go into the Games folder in its own folder. Just like any other game that would be backed up using Multiman. At this point, you are going to need to download a couple of files for College Football Revamped. Click to download the required files

step 3

It should bring you to the latest update. From here you can just scroll down and select our device, which is going to be the PlayStation 3. Next up, you’re going to check out the download instructions for either the PSN Store copy or the physical Disk copy. If you’re following along with this, you’re probably going to be using the disk-based copy. If you want to kind of adjust this to the PSN Store copy, you’re more than welcome to.

But that’s not what this article is going to be using. So just click on Physical Disk Copy once you’re over here. These are all the great written instructions for installing this. And if at any point you need something that is written out, if you’re a little bit confused, go ahead and give these once over. Everything is written over here pretty well, but the main thing is we need to download two files.

you’re going to come over to part A and part B. Click on each of these files to download them, and it should bring you to a download page where you can just initiate the download here and save it somewhere you can easily find it. You have to download both files. You should have two package files, and if you’ve modified your PlayStation three already, you should be familiar with these.

Step 4

This is a part A package file and a part B package file. They are each about 3GB in size, and again, you need both of them to continue with this. So once you have this downloaded, repair your USB drive. Now, first of all, your USB drive has to be Fat 32.

 And if you’re on Windows, you can right-click your USB drive, go to Properties and check the file system. Mine is already Fat 32, but in case you need to format it, you can also just right-click Go to Format, and make sure any data you care about is backed up off of this drive. Quick format is fine, allocation size is fine, and selects Fat 32.

 It cannot be NTFS or Xfat. It has to be Fat 32. Hit Start, okay? And then easy enough right there. After a few seconds, it formats our drive. Now, if you’re not able to format it from here, just straight up using Windows, or if you format this and it’s not recognizing on your PlayStation Three, there’s another program that we can use to format our drive. I’ll show you that real quick. There’s another program I like to use and recommend now called Rufus.

Step 5

And this is just going to make it much easier to format the USB drive in case it is bigger than 32GB in size, or if you have to change the partition scheme on here to MBR. I’ll get into that real quick. But if you have to format using Rufus, you can just come down here and download either the full installable version or the portable version for this. The portable version is just fine. Once you have Rufus downloaded, just go ahead and double-click it and allow access.

You might ask if you want to check for updates. That’s up to you. I’m going to say yes, and it should look a little something like this. So you’ll need to pick your USB drive from here. For boot selection, you want to say non-bootable, and then for this, it’s going to be incredibly important.

You have to pick MBR. Many times, if people format a large USB drive, it ends up being GPT and it’s not recognized by the PlayStation Three. It has to be MBR and it has to be Fat 32. So these are the two most important settings. MBR, Fat 32.

Step 6

Once you have that all setup, make sure any data you care about is backed up. You can hit Start, say okay, and just give it a few seconds. It’s going to take a little bit longer than going through Windows, but this will work just fine. So there we go. Once that’s all formatted, we can hit close and our USB drive should be formatted.

We can even double-check this by right-clicking the USB drive going to properties and our file system is Fat 32. So awesome. Everything is looking good. Now, this is going to be hopefully the easiest portion here. We can go into the USB drive and right to the root of this.

So just right in the first portion of the USB drive here, we’re going to copy over both files. Just like that, we need to copy over part A and Part B respectively. Again, both of these files are important to have and both of them are needed for college football revamped. Depending on the speed of your USB drive, this might take a bit. So that’s why it helps to download and copy these over as we’re installing the game on our PlayStation Three.

Step 7

All right, so after a few minutes, we should be almost done wrapping up here with copying the files over again. Make sure both of those package files have been copied. Cannot stress that enough. Once that’s all done, we can come back over here, right-click safely eject our USB drive and now we’re going to transfer it over to the PlayStation Three. Over at the PlayStation Three, you should hopefully be done at this point installing NCAA Football 14 so you can press the square button.

And now at this point when we come back to Multi man, there should be the disk-based version as well as the copy installed on your hard drive. With all of that, we can go ahead and physically eject the game from our PS Three because we’re no longer going to need that. We’re not going to be playing this off the disk. If we’re using the mod, we’re only going to be using the hard drive-based copy here. So with that removed, we can go ahead, exit out of here, press the PlayStation button and we’re going to come back over to the XMB.

Step 8

Once we’re back over at the XMB, plug in your USB drive if you haven’t already, and verify it is being recognized by your place agent Three. You can check that by going over to video or music, for example, and looking for a USB device. If it is recognized, that is all good. So now come over to the package manager, go to install package files, and go to standard. And we first want to install parts A.

So find part A and press X. Give this some time. It’s now going to install the package file. Alright, so it took me about 15 minutes, but that first part got installed. Once that’s installed, press back, and go right back to the package manager.

Install package files standard and now we’re going to install part B. This should be the only other part that you have to install. Again, just wait some time for it to finish up. All right, at this point, with the part being installed, we should be all good to go. So you can go ahead back out of here and we can also remove our USB drive.

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