How to get laid in college in 2022 | 100% Working

How to get laid in college in 2022 | 100% Working

  So many guys in college are looking for an answer to the same question: how to get laid in college.  This may seem like a question that has no real answer; rather, many male students think that it has a lot to do with being lucky.

 While luck can play a small role, there are real ways to help you increase your chances of getting points and maximize the enjoyment of the friends you meet during your college career.  If you use the following tips, you will be able to find the right girls with whom you will enjoy adult relationships for a long time.

Getting laid in college

  You may be a virgin starting your first year of college.  You may be younger with some sexual experience.  Or you can be somewhere in the middle.  Either way, you’re probably wondering how to get out of dryness.  If you want to know how to change the situation, this post provides you with tips on how to get laid in college in 2022.

  The college gives young people more than just the opportunity to expand their intelligence and break away from the protective shell of the home.  It is also a time for freedom and self-expression, and one of the ways students can express their newfound freedom is through sex.

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How to get laid in college

·         Be intentional about your circle of communication

  A popular, well-connected man, and therefore a “good” man from college, will be forgiven for many shortcomings.  So do your best to be social and develop relationships as soon as you enter college.  I don’t care if you’re an introvert.  Get together with this and try to find friends.  The quality of your sex life in college depends on it.

  Meet everyone in your hostel as soon as possible.  During the week you should get to know all of them by name.  The same goes for people in your class.  Attend any mixers or parties that you hear are happening.  Introduce yourself to everyone.  Don’t be shy about it.  Everyone else will be in the same boat as you and looking to make new friends.  Therefore, they will be glad that someone else takes the initiative and starts a conversation with them.

  Don’t worry about getting into your first week … or even the second week.  Just focus on making as many new friends as possible.  Creating a strong social network at an early stage will set you up so that you can easily get a pussy for the rest of your time in college.

·        Join the A Frat

  Yes I know.  The guys from the Brotherhood are mostly considered “idiots”.  But guess what… They also get a ton.  That’s why you want to join a friend.  But keep in mind that the type of fraternity you join matters.  There are probably one or two really cool fraternities you want to join… and there will probably be a couple more Weesh brothers filled with jerks.  Obviously, you want to avoid them.

  So how do you get into one of the coolest brothers?  My advice would be to take a walk in the local college gym.  Usually you will find guys from the fraternity there.  Maybe they even carry their letters.  Approach, introduce yourself and shoot with them.  But try not to seem too anxious.  Tell them you want to hurry and be cool.  Before you realize it, you will go through the process of joining!

·         Take part in the bar scene

  There will probably be one or two bars near your college that are popular with students.  Your goal should be to make friends with the staff and owners of these bars and make friends.  Do this, walk there from time to time and communicate with staff.  If you can get a job bounce or take care of a bar in one of these places even better.  Bar tenders work especially well in the pussy department.  It may not be possible to do this right away if you are under 21.  But it is a good goal for long-term college education.

·         Don’t miss the opportunity to get out

  If your first class doesn’t start before 11 a.m. the next morning, you can’t go out the night before.  When you graduate from college and wake up at 6 am to go to work, you will look back and regret all those evenings in college that you didn’t go out and have fun.

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·         Take personal hygiene seriously

  You will also want to shave regularly.  We are not saying that you need to shave every morning;  after all, who has the time for that when you have a lesson at 8 am and you need to go to the cafeteria to get a bagel and coffee so you can work.  Looking a little untidy can actually be quite attractive; many women like to see facial hair because it shows your courage.

  However, you should not walk for days or weeks without shaving your face.  Even if you have a full beard (be careful, because no guy can look like that), you will want to trim it.  There is nothing that women hate more than faces with long curly, unkempt hair.  It’s just disgusting and disgusting.

·         Be sensitivite enough

  Okay, so you got up the courage to talk to the girl you admired, and, oddly enough, she’s actually talking to you!  Now you have a chance to invite her on a date, so do it!  If you did everything right, you significantly reduced the likelihood that the girl will peel on you.

  But here’s the thing; if she says yes, make sure you have a good date; one that will really impress her with your thoughtfulness.  No, you don’t need to take her to a 5-star restaurant; but you definitely need to do something more exciting and intimate than hanging out on an ATV or in a public area.  Also, under no circumstances should you communicate with any of your friends.  This first date is the perfect time to get acquainted; you will not be able to do this if you are constantly disturbed by friends from the fraternity who burp, fart and shout around you.

·         Be sexually assertive

  Once you get signs of a girl’s interest and she responds well to your flirtations and jokes, it’s time to be sexier with her.  As a guy, courtship is up to you – it’s not a woman’s job to harass you and try to fuck you, it’s your job to try to have sex with HER and harass HER.  So, as soon as you notice that she is clearly sexually attracted to you, it’s time to sexually escalate and start acting with her.

·         Learn how to tease verbally

  If a girl gave you an IOI before you even approached her, use one of these great tools to start a conversation.  If you’ve already started talking, keep going.  The goal here is to tease her a little and say what she is experiencing.  If she teases you in return and flirts in return, that’s great – she attracts you.  For example, grab her biceps and joke about how she should lift.  If she blushes and reacts favourably, it is a sign that you like her sexually.

  If you try to flirt with a woman, and she ignores you or does not flirt in response, that’s fine – keep trying.  Sometimes women give you ambiguous signals because they do not want to seem too “easy” in front of their friends. The secret here is to establish a relationship while checking it for sexual availability.  If she teases you and flirts in return, chances are she’s ready to have sex with you.


  Any relationship in college depends entirely on your discretion and your comfort – if you do something, someone else has probably already done it.  Conversely, many students choose not to be part of a culture of communication on campus without any negative consequences.  Don’t let anyone else decide whether you should be romantic or sexual.  Remember, consent is important.

What’s the fastest way to turn a girl/boy on in the college?

After talking and flirting, start kissing (just lean closer and closer when the situation seems flirtatious), then start talking and touching, and then ask the person if he / she wants to come home with you.

What can I do when I can’t get laid in college?

Maybe in the meantime, just think about buying a really good vibrator until you meet and get to know someone you want to meet at least by chance and see where things are going. One-night stands can sometimes be frustrating because you don’t always know if you’re really going to be compatible.