How much to tip tattoo artist in 2022 | Best Advice

How much to tip tattoo artist in 2022 | Best Advice

How much to tip tattoo artist?  Whatever the price of a tattoo, you may want to tip the artist.  After all, you tip restaurant staff, hairdressers and taxi drivers don’t you?  But how much to tip tattoo artist is always the issue when it comes to tipping a tattoo artist. 

You don’t want to make a mistake – although tips aren’t required, of course, that’s what you can do.  So here’s the truth about how to make a tattoo, whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth.

Why tip tattoo artist?

Tipping is an important factor in the tattooing process, and there are several important reasons why you should tip an artist for their services.  First of all, in many areas of service, from restaurants to hairdressers, taxi drivers to bartenders, tips are offered as an opportunity to thank employees for individual service.

Unlike buying products in a store, tattooing is a process that requires the artist to pay unique and specialized attention to each of his customers. 

The artist deserves compensation for making a tattoo that will last forever – just as a waiter or waitress deserves a tip for table service.  You won’t miss a waiter’s tip, so a tattoo master’s tip should be no different.

Is it compulsory to tip tattoo artist?

No, it’s not compulsory, but simply put; you should tip your tattoo artist – even if some people don’t appreciate tips at all.  This is especially important when the tattoo has an individual design because the artist puts a lot of effort to do everything right. 

Remember that you are not only paying for the meeting. Many factors determine the cost, and therefore tips for your tattoo.  They will have to draw and design tattoos, look for inspiration, maybe invite you for a consultation, and if they own a studio, run a business in addition to everything else.

Artists, of course, must pay a lot of attention to each of their clients and deserve a reward for their services.  Just as a waiter deserves a tip for his service, tattoo artists also deserve it, if not more.  If you don’t tip the waiter for their service, you shouldn’t tip your tattoo artist.

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What is the best way to tip tattoo artist in 2022?

An easy way to include tips in your budget is to add them as you get the approximate cost of the job.  So, if your tattoo is expected to cost $ 200, with a 20 percent tip, that’s $ 240.  However, you can tip more or less, depending on several factors.

Tipping plays a very big role in your tattooing process, more than other types of services.  In almost all service industries, tips are a way to show how much you value personalized employee service. 

Professions such as taxi driving, bartending, and hairdressing, and these are just a few, are very nice to receive advice on their services.  So it makes sense that you can also advise tattoo artists, who may be working much harder than most of the services mentioned earlier.

How much to tip tattoo artist in 2022?

 A consistent metric for tips from most tattoo artists is at least 15% for their tattoos.  So if your artist spends $ 150 an hour and works four hours. Your bill will be $ 600.  But you will have to pay your artist at least $ 90 (15%) as a tip for his efforts.  This is, of course, advice for mid-priced tattoos, but that 15% can look pretty healthy on more expensive tattoos. Such as those that cost more than $ 1,500 or $ 2,000.

For just $ 1,500, your 15% tip can look like $ 225, and that’s not the price most people are willing to give.  So for most orders over $ 2,000, tattoo artists will also receive a tip of 10% of the total bill, as this can also give the artist a fairly large tip.

How much to tip tattoo artist?

Now, if you do not want to go through the difficulty of calculating how much to tip a tattoo artist. You can always give them a predetermined amount of money.  Most clients tend to do this because they give their artist $ 100, no matter how complicated or time-consuming the tattoo is.

However, for some people, even 10% of the total order is too much to ask for.  With loans, rents, and bills, it’s easy to see why it’s hard for people to tip in advance.  And if you feel like it’s getting connected, here’s how you can still suggest a budget.

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Can I tip tattoo artist with a gift?

Although it is perfectly normal to offer your artist gifts instead of cold cash. You cannot offer them services or advice instead of the initial payment.  A barter agreement with an artist is not only an awkward conversation but also looks very disrespectful and openly offensive.

So if an artist who is your friend decides to give you ink. If you do them a favor, such as working on their car, looking at their advertising plan or not, then you can make a deal.  But if you do not have a clear agreement with the artist, you should not have any expectations that you will be able to pay for anything other than cash.

Should I tip tattoo artist who didn’t do a nice job?

Well, the above tips are really relevant if you like the tattoos you got.  But what happens when an artist works poorly and you are unhappy with the end result.  Well, one thing you can do is ask a tattoo artist to correct and fix tattoos for free; it was their fault.  Or you may just not tip the artist at all.

How much to tip tattoo artist who didn’t give you what you want?

  First, your willingness to tip will depend on how satisfied you are with their work.  If you don’t like the artist’s work, it makes sense that you want to tip less.  It’s up to you.  But keep in mind that a tattoo is a work of art that you wear on your body for personal expression.

How can I know the right tattoo artist for me?

  The tattoo artist puts your vision into reality on your skin.  Choosing the right tattoo artist is just as important as choosing the right tattoo.  Do some research first.  Don’t be afraid to ask people who have great ink where they did it.  Most likely, they would like to tell you about their tattoo artist and the experience they had with them.

Do I tip my tattoo artist before or after having my tattoo?

You don’t have to tip tattoo artists before the tattoo is completely done.  Once all the work is done and the total cost of the tattoo is set, you need to decide how many tips to give to the artist.  It is recommended to always pay for tattoos in cash because it is easier to tip.  Also, most tattoo parlors do not accept credit card tips, so you will need to bring some cash.