How Long does it take to Learn Korean in 2022

In life, there are situations where you find yourself picking up new interests or goals. You may even decide to learn a new language out of your indigenous root. In this article, we would be focusing on the Korean language and also provide answers to the most basic question every interested learner must ask himself: “how long does it take to learn Korean?”

Whether you are considering learning Korean or you have gone halfway into learning Korean, at some point in your mind, you must have asked yourself how long it will take you to learn the Korean language successfully.

You must ask yourself the question because it helps you evaluate your decision on whether or not to go ahead with learning Korean. The Korean language is such a beautiful language to learn, especially if you have the interest to visit, study, or even live in South Korea.

With the recent attention given to the Korean entertainment industry such as the K-Dramas, Korean Movies, K-Pop, and the Korean culture. Learning Korean can become very interesting and exciting.

However, learning Korean is quite challenging. Unlike the normal alphabets we generally know about, Koreans have entirely new alphabets. And because the language is only spoken by South Koreans, it is quite difficult to find someone to relate to in Korean, as this helps improve your speaking ability. Now, you have to carefully ask yourself “is it possible to learn Korean, and is it really worth it?”.

In this article, not only do we answer the question of how long does it take to learn Korean, but we would also look at all that you need to know concerning learning Korean. This would guide you in your decision on whether or not to go ahead with learning Korean. If you are ready, let’s start by answering the key question.

How Long does it take to Learn Korean?

According to 90DAYKOREAN, if you study continuously for about 7-10 hours weekly, and in three months of consistent hard work, you can be able to hold a 3-minute conversation. If you continue to study at this pace, in one year you can be able to hold a fluent conversation.

However, this analysis is basically for average learners, as it could differ from others. The duration for learning Korean could be up to a year. It all depends on your learning ability, learning speed, how vulnerable you are to the language, and what Korean resources you make use of. Always have in mind that these factors are important to determine how long it will take you to learn Korean.

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Factors to consider when Learning Korean

Learning the Korean language can be influenced by some key factors. These factors must be put into consideration as they influence the learning duration. The learner is the major factor as people differ in learning ability. This is why it is difficult to give concise information on how long it takes to learn the Korean language. The following are factors to consider when learning Korean:

Korean Alphabet

The first factor to consider is Learning the Korean Alphabet. Like we said initially, the Korean alphabets are entirely new. The writing system of Korea is known as Hangul. And with the aid of a standard Hangual tutorial, you can learn the alphabet in just sixty to ninety minutes. The tutorial will guide you towards learning the basics of the Korean alphabet and this would help you read Korean.

The Hangul tutorial would also help you in your pronunciation of Korean words, as well as phrases and complete sentences. As a result of constant learning and practice of the Korean language, you will find yourself comfortable and always attempting to read any Korean word you come across. This act would help you enhance your Korean vocabulary.

You must spend at least 30 minutes daily for the first day of the hangul tutorial with the aid of flashcards. And once the first week comes to an end, you will find yourself improving in your Korean alphabet pronunciation.

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Three minutes Korean Conversation

The second factor to consider is the ability to hold a three minutes conversation in Korean. Just like the analysis indicates: if you utilize about 1-2 hours daily in studying Korean, in three months you can be able to hold a three minutes conversation. For this to be successful, you must make use of good materials or it would take you a long time only to end up learning nothing.

However, you must focus on the most used Korean words, phrases, and grammar. You can save the extra formality and specialty terms until later. Also, you must make use of excellent materials available for you, and in three months the results will be clear.

Fluent Conversation

The third factor you must consider is conversational fluency. If after learning the Korean alphabet and practicing the three minutes of Korean conversation, in less than 12 months or a year, you would be able to hold a fluent Korean conversation.

You should learn to direct your learning to situations you find interesting. Let’s take conversations with your buddies as an example: You would like to use slang, so it’s advisable you learn the possible slang in Korean. Another example is the K-Dramas: When watching K-dramas, you should focus on listening to regular conversations, so that you can also learn from them.

Indigenous language

Your indigenous language is another factor you must consider if you want to be fluent in Korean. Learning the Korean language might be a bit easier or difficult, depending on your native language. It is fact that native English speakers find it difficult to be fluent in Korean.

However, natives of Japan, China, and Arabian countries would find it easier to be fluent in Korean. But never to discouraged, as delay is not denial.

Bilingual Learning Experience

The fourth factor you should consider is the Bilingual learning experience. If you have had any experience learning a new language aside from your indigenous language, then you are at an advantage. You must still be familiar with the skills and effort you put into learning it.

Psychologically, your mind and body will be ready to adjust to the new language. This would make it much easier for you.

Method of learning

The fifth factor you should consider is the learning method. The method you chose to use can greatly determine how fast you learn Korean. For instance, the classroom is a better choice of a learning environment. It is the easiest approach to receive clear knowledge about grammar structures.

Your Dedication to Learn Korean

The last factor we would look at is the dedication and time you put into learning Korean. Apparently, the more time and hard work you put into learning Korean, the faster for you to become fluent. You should often make use of your materials by reviewing them steadily.

Fastest Ways to learn Korean

You might want to know what are the fastest ways to learn Korean. It is quite obvious that the easiest and fastest way of learning Korean is by staying close to the language. This means, living around Koreans who speak fluent Korean or you can decide to relocate to Korea for a short time. There are many other ways to learn Korean and it may include the following:

  • You can decide to attend a school in korea. Schooling in Korea is a very effective way of learning korean especially if you start from the root.
  • You can also decide to learn korean online. There are online korean language learning programs you can always join. If you are not satisfied with the program, you can also create your own program, which would comprise of various online resources.

Your daily study time.

Your daily study time should be considerate and not affect other activities. You might have daily goals to meet and you must learn to draw out a conducive timetable for yourself. If you’re studying part-time or as a pastime, a suitable starting point is 1 hour every day, and you can adapt as needed.

The initial early phase of learning Korean is fun and exciting but later gets more intense. You will be tempted not to study. When it gets to this phase, we strongly advise that you adjust your study time. If you’re a full-time student, you should plan on studying for roughly 4-7 hours every day.

I hope you find this article useful and helpful in whatever information you seek.

How Long does it take to Learn Korean?

If you study continuously for about 7-10 hours weekly, and in three months of consistent hard work, you can be able to hold a 3-minute conversation. If you continue to study at this pace, in one year you can be able to hold a fluent conversation.

What is the fastest way to learn korean?

The easiest and fastest way of learning Korean is by staying close to the language.

How many hours a day should I study Korean?

If you’re studying as a full-time student, then you should aim for about 4-7 hours of study per day. If you’re studying part-time or as a hobby, a good target to start out with is 1 hour a day