How to learn French

How long does it take to learn french in 2022|| best guide

Do you speak French? If not, then why don’t you want to learn it? Are you afraid of learning a new language? Maybe you think it takes too much time or don’t have enough time? do you want to know how long it takes to learn french?

Whatever the reason is, I am sure you would love to improve your knowledge of French. 

How to learn French

French is the official language of France and has over 66 million speakers worldwide. Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Algeria, Monaco, Andorra, Tunisia, Senegal, and Lebanon also speak french. The language was once essential in Europe, but now less than 2% of Europeans speak it. 

How Long Does it Take to Learn French? 

When you’re thinking about learning a new foreign language like French, it’s normal to have many questions. If you’re wondering how long it will take before learning French, that’s normal. Learning the French language is certainly a thrilling experience, but its fruitful rewards cannot be achieved without time and hard work. 

According to the Foreign Services Institute (FSI), the language of France is a Category 1 Language. Learning French takes between 23 and 24 weeks (575 and 600 hours) for most native English speakers. Learning French is one of the easiest (fastest) languages to learn. 

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What are the Ways And Techniques to learn French 

Find a native speaker at Rype 

How to learn French

It doesn’t mean you have to move to a foreign country and leave everything behind. Rype is design for busy people who want to learn a new language with vetted teachers, anywhere, anytime. Also learning from native speakers gives you an authentic learning and cultural experience without stepping into an airport. 

Learning French Online 

How to learn French
Learn French language online e-learning

Learning French through an online course is a good option for people who crave structure and regiment. Reading French language course reviews and researching different formats can also help you choose the best program. One important consideration is whether an online course is affordable and convenient for you.

Practicing French Conversation 

French Together offers several tips for finding a French conversation partner who is equally or more advanced than you are. Other tools like Meetup and CouchSurfing can also help you find a like-minded French speaker. If you’re struggling to find a group within your local community, you may want to consider hosting your very own conversation event. You can also turn to an international language exchange group to find virtual conversation partners from worldwide. 

Practicing French Writing Skills with The Great Translation Game 

Playing The Great Translation game is a unique way to learn French. You select or upload any French texts that you like, read them through in French with automatically provided translations, and then work through them, translating from the English back to French. 

The Great Translation Game allows you to immediately see if your translation is correct, which helps you recognize any common mistakes in your French writing. And since you’re using native-level content of your own choice, you know that the feedback is always perfect. If you genuinely have an interest in learning French, this kind of writing practice with materials you’re genuinely interested in is a cornerstone of a successful French learning strategy. 

Get out of the classroom

Learning a new language is more of an active learning process than just a theoretical one. You can study all of the different ways to become an amazing public speaker, but once you’re in front of thousands of people, that goes out of the window. If you want to learn something, you have to speak, make mistakes, and take action. It doesn’t happen in a classroom. 

Use mnemonics and repetition techniques

Once you’ve found someone to practice with, you should use mnemonics and repetition techniques to improve your memory. Check out Benny Lewis’s post on spaced repetition memory, and use tools like Memrise to learn French vocabulary and phrases. 

Speed Up Your French Using LingQ 

LingQ has thousands of hours of content available for free. If you’ve never used LingQ before, you’ll find a lot of great lessons in our library that are perfect for you. 

You can import your content into LingQ if you don’t find any lessons that interest you. Check out this post for instructions on importing YouTube videos into LingQ. You can also import content from blogs, music audio, audiobook, and much more. 

With LingQ, you can use your phone or computer to look up words, listen to the audio if it is included, and save them for later. Try it out and see how much faster your French will improve.

Setting Achievable Goals That will Help You Learn French 

Setting the right goals for your study will help you determine how fast you will learn French. If you want to be able to speak French so you can travel to France, you could learn a foreign language in just one week. However, if you’d like to take an exam to prove your proficiency in a language, you need a much larger time commitment. 

The Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR) helps you set an achievable goal. These levels of fluency were universally accepted as guidance for writing. If you want to be more proficient at something, then you should spend more time doing it. 

What is the Benefit of learning french? 

French is one of the easiest languages to learn. It is also spoken worldwide and has many similarities with English. However Learning French will help you communicate better with people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

If you decide to learn French, you’ll learn about history, culture, literature, food, fashion, art, and other aspects of life in the country that speak it. 

Factors That Affect How Long it Takes to Learn French 

Once you’ve determined the French proficiency level you wish to reach, you need to understand the circumstances that will help you learn French. Learning a language is an individual experience and is based on numerous factors. These factors may affect how long it takes you to learn French. 

Your Attitude 

Your attitude will determine whether you learn French fast. If you’re willing to learn, learning French will be enjoyable and easy because it will be something you want to do. You will look forward to grabbing as much as possible so that the entire process becomes fun and, ultimately, faster for you. 

The Time You Put in 

Of course, the longer you study French every day, the sooner you’ll see results. However, if you can only study for a short period every day, that’s okay too. You may need to spend several years mastering French. 

Your Method of Learning 

Having the best language learning methods available is essential to achieving French fluency faster. If you limit yourself only to learning in the classroom, you may spend longer than if you had exposure

outside the classroom. Learning a language through movies, books, speaking, or traveling abroad can help you learn faster. 

Your Native Language 

Languages may look different, but they are quite similar. Learning a similar language helps you learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciations faster. 

Learning French should be relatively easy if you’re already fluent in English because they share similar roots. Cognates can make learning French easier and faster than you expected. 

Your Motivation 

Motivation is crucial when learning a new language. To keep motivated, always remind yourself of why you’re learning French and the benefits you will reap after mastering your skills. If you’re motivated, you can accelerate your learning curve. 

It’s not easy to learn a new language. It takes motivation, effort, and a positive attitude. Remind yourself regularly why you’re learning the language and the advantages awaiting you after completing the process. 


In conclusion, learning French isn’t difficult if you have a solid foundation. All you need is a little patience, dedication, and practice. And once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to the next level. Just remember always to keep practicing and never stop studying.


Why Learn French?

Try to think about why you’re studying French (work, school, travel, family.), and then start by choosing topics that interest you. 

What is the best way to learn French?

However, if you focus on spoken French first and then decide to learn written French, you’ll speak more fluently faster, and if your ultimate goal is to be understood well by native speakers, this approach is a great one to take.

How quickly can I learn French? 

Learning French depends on many factors, including how long you spend studying each day and what method you use to study. 

How Long Does It Take to Learn French at a fluent level?

It depends on how you define “fluent.”

What is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages?

This popular language framework has been developed to provide a common basis for explicit descriptions of objectives, content, methods, and second/foreign language teaching assessments. It is widely accepted as a reliable source of evaluation of French language proficiency

How easy is it to learn French? 

Learning a new language is never easy, but French is considered an easy language to learn by native English speakers.

Is French hard to learn? 

Speaking French is a bit harder than speaking English because many nasal sounds don’t exist in the English language, and there are lots of silent letters that can make reading hard. You can read more about how hard it can be to learn French in our blog post! How long should you study French? As much time as you can manage. 

How much time do you have to study?

As much time as you can spend on it.