What is 2022 Harvard GPA requirements | Full Guide

Harvard GPA requirements In 2022 | Full Guide 

Compliance with Harvard GPA and SAT / ACT requirements is very important to pass their first round of filters and prove academic preparation. If you do not meet their expectations, your chances of getting into Harvard are almost zero.

 After overcoming this hurdle, you need to impress Harvard readers with other application requirements, including extracurricular programs, essays, and letters of recommendation. We will tell more below.

When does Harvard admission application start?

The application process for admission to Harvard University begins in September for all programs. The university admits students based on restrictive early measures or routine decisions, which are announced by the end of March. With an acceptance rate of 3.43%, Harvard has one of the lowest admission rates among the eight Ivy League schools for the 2025 class.

What are Harvard GPA requirements for international students?

International candidates must have an excellent academic performance with a weighted average Harvard GPA requirements score of at least 4.0.

However, prospective students must receive a TOEFL iBT of 80, but accepted Harvard University students have a TOEFL iBT score above 90. Harvard University has abolished the standardized testing requirements by 2025.

With a 4.0 Harvard GPA requirement, Harvard requires you to be the best in your class. To compete with other applicants, you will need almost direct grades in all your classes. In addition, you have to take hard classes – AP or IB courses – to show that learning at the college level is easy.

What if I don’t meet Harvard GPA requirements?

If you are now a junior or senior, it is difficult to change your GPA in time to enter college. If your school grade point average is 4.18 or lower, you will need a higher SAT or ACT score to compensate. This will help you compete effectively with other applicants who have a higher average score than you.

International applicants can apply for admission without standardized tests for the next academic year. As Harvard University has expanded its policy on optional testing for the admission cycle to 2021-2022. However, we recommend passing the SAT or ACT, as students who submit scores get admission at a faster rate than those who do not.

What are Harvard SAT and ACT requirements in 2022?

Harvard University generally prefers entrants to be up to 2 percent of the best SAT test-takers. The school constantly reduces the SAT scores to 1460 on a scale of 1600, below which admission should be considered.

We estimate that some students may be admitted with an SAT of only 1,400. The approximate average challenging SAT for an enrolled freshman is 1,520 out of 1,600.

Each school has different requirements for standardized testing. Most schools require SAT or ACT, and many also require SAT tests. You must pass an SAT or ACT to apply to Harvard. More importantly, you need to do well to have a strong application.

How to get into Harvard

You must apply online.

 Please note that admission to Harvard University can only be online. Also, the good news is that they adopt either of their two types of application methods: the Joint Application and the Coalition Application.

The admissions committee treats both equally. If you are qualified and ready to apply. Just fill out and submit your materials as soon as possible to ensure a full and timely review of your application.

If you use the Common Application method, you must apply before your supporting materials (high school reports, teacher reports, etc.) can be submitted to the college. Until you submit your own sections of the application, no part of your application will be submitted to Harvard Admissions.

Get your documents in order.

When you apply, your school counselor often sends your transcript with few or no senior grades. The reason you need a high school report is that it allows you to test your performance in the first half of your senior year.

The report on the secondary school must be completed by your school counselor or another school employee. Please request that the high school report be completed and returned to the Harvard office as soon as possible.

Get references and letters of recommendation.

Ask two teachers from different subjects who know you well to fill in the teacher evaluation forms. If you wish to send additional letters of recommendation, you can do so after applying. Your application confirmation email will have a personalized link to send you your recommendations. All eligible students who choose to enroll must submit a final school report and transcript as soon as their final grades are available.

The final school report and transcript must be completed and submitted by a school counselor. Or other school officials through Parchment / Docufide or Scrip-Safe International if your school has access to these submission options.

IB students must submit their final results as soon as they graduate in mid-July. Each year, Harvard expects to see the final results of level A by mid-August.

Standardized test scores

 If you choose to take standardize tests, you can take the SAT or ACT (with or without a written component). If you decide to take subject tests (although they are no longer required), it is better to choose only one math test instead of two.

Similarly, if your native language is not English, a subject test in your native language may be less useful. You must provide test results from the last three years.

Additional materials

Harvard standard materials usually provide enough information to make admission decisions. However, Harvard University recognizes that you may have truly exceptional talents or achievements that you want to share and that you want to have every opportunity to present yourself best.

At the discretion of the admissions committee, teachers may evaluate additional materials. Such as music recordings, works of art, or selected samples of academic work. You can send additional media (such as videos, audio, or images) electronically via Slideroom.

Details on art, dance or choreography, music, or composition can be found on the Slideroom website.

However, these materials are completely optional, and please note that there is a small fee for filing through the Slideroom. But if this fee causes you economic difficulties, you can apply for a waiver at the time of filing.

If you don’t know how to apply or apply for admission to Harvard University, you can also contact them to apply for a waiver or receive more important benefits.


In conclusion, Harvard has a reputation for being one of the most prestigious universities in the country. But did you know that their admissions process is extremely competitive? In fact, it’s so tough that less than 1% of applicants receive admission each year.

That said, there are plenty of schools that offer similar degrees and programs, which means that you can still earn a degree from a top university without having to worry about applying early decisions or rolling the dice on SAT scores. So if you want to attend a school like Harvard, check out our list below and choose the program that works best for you.


Is Harvard worth all the hype?

Yes, definitely. Harvard offers some of the highest quality education available anywhere. You really won’t find better opportunities to learn and grow intellectually, both within and outside of class.

Does Harvard accept international students?

Yes! Harvard accepts approximately 10,000 foreign-born students annually. To be considered for acceptance, however, you must have a score of at least 700 on the TOEFL exam. If you’re not sure whether you qualify for this requirement, contact us today.

What are the factors that influence Harvard's admission process?

The college admissions process becomes increasingly competitive every year, as both domestic and international applicants apply.

How do I know if my GPA is good enough for Harvard?

Your high school transcript will be used by Harvard admissions officers to determine whether you’re likely to succeed at Harvard.

How do I know if Harvard University requires a GPA?

Harvard University’s average grade point average (GPA) is 4.18


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