20 Best GRE prep apps free in 2022 | Full List

Best GRE prep apps in 2022 | Full List

Are you preparing for GRE (Graduate Record Examination)?. Are you looking for the best GRE prep apps?. If yes, then you should know that GRE is a standardized test given to students who wish to apply for graduate school programs around the globe.

GRE administers twice a year across the globe. This exam is meant to assess whether or not applicants are fit for a graduate program.

There are many different options for preparing for the GRE.  You can purchase tutorials, or take a paid online course. You can use one of the many free GRE prep apps available online to prepare for GRE.

Technology is changing the way we learn.  More and more test preparation companies are working to engage a young, technically savvy audience. And as a result, GRE applications like SAT and ACT are steadily growing in popularity.

Many GRE prep apps are available for both iPhones and Android devices, allowing you to learn GRE anytime, anywhere. 

In addition, many high-quality GRE programs can be downloaded for free or at least free to try.  As with other types of applications, the more complex the GRE application, the more likely it is to be priced.

Some GRE prep apps is designed to prepare you for both sections of the exam. Others focus on only one section. Some are free, whereas others cost a fortune. Read our review to find out which ones are worth your time and money.

What is the GRE?

GREE prep app

The GRE is an examination designed to test the types of skills that have been identified by experts. As important for success in graduate education. verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing – regardless of your field of studies.

So, the GRE exam is required by many graduate schools. Because they want to be certain that you have those skills before they admit you into their program. You can take the test either on paper or on a computer.

What are the sections in GREE?

The test consists of six sections: Analytical writing, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, unscored research, and an essay.

Analytical Writing

consists of two tasks: You are asked to analyze an argument and analyze an issue. You have 30 minutes for each task.

Verbal Reasoning tests

It is similar to English tests. And you’re given two Verbal Reasonings sections with 30 minutes to complete 20 questions each.

Quantitative or maths reasoning test

Here you’ll have two sections of Quantitative Reasoning, with 35 minutes to answer 20 questions in each section.

The unscored or research section

This section doesn’t count toward your score and may be taken at any time during the test. The number of questions varies for each section.

Who is GRE prep apps for?

If you are busy during the day. But have random moments of free time and like to spend it on the phone, buy the application.  It’s much easier to review GRE practical questions on your phone when you’re having lunch at work or school than it is to take a large prep book.  Programs are great when you have less than 30 minutes to study.  However, if you have 30 minutes or more, I would recommend using this time to work on the preparation book.

The appendices do not provide as much detailed explanation as to the textbooks. And require time to be constantly clicked, scrolled, and returned to questions or passages, and so on.  In addition, every program on the market has a few reviews from people. Who claims that the program at some point was a failure and requires people to restart it (I think sometimes it’s just the nature of programs).

How do I prepare for the GRE?

Figuring out where you should begin with your GRE. Studying can feel really overwhelming. Getting familiar with the test, picking up skills and techniques relevant to the test, then applying that knowledge by practicing are the main ways to prepare for the GRE.

Whether you start by preparing on your own or attending classes or hiring a tutor, it’s a good idea. It doesn’t matter how you study (so long as you’re doing it in a way that works for you), but it does matter that you are studying.

What are the benefits of having a high GRE score?

GRE scores don’t earn you scholarships on their own. A high GRE score can be one factor in considering graduate school admission, university scholarships, private scholarship, and government scholarships.

However, the main benefit of a good GRE score is graduate school admission. Talk to advisors, professors, or admissions officers at the schools that you plan to apply to learn what GRE score you must achieve to get into their program.

Some programs may only focus on one aspect of your overall score. If you want to earn an MA in English, the admissions committee might not even look at your quantitative reasoning scores. And vice versa.

If you’re pursuing a Ph.D. Your verbal reasoning scores won’t be reviewed by people who are looking for engineers with mechanical engineering experience. However, all this depends on the program, so ask around.

Best GRE prep apps free in 2022

Best Gre pre App

You’ve probably got a smartphone and it’s likely going (almost) everywhere with you. Using GRE prep apps can help you prioritize studying for the exam by giving you an easy way to study throughout the day.

The following apps allow users to do everything from practice their vocabulary to challenge friends to test themselves to relax through meditation. Some apps pair with courses or materials and others aren’t. Download an app from your phone’s App Store to help prepare for the GRE exam.

IntelliVocab for GRE and GMAT

Created by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This free program boasts the ability to fully control the learning environment, so you don’t have to deal with stress when planning your approach to learning. 

All you need to do is interact with the app.  The more you practice his problems, the more the program learns about you, detects words that are difficult for you, and formulates questions accordingly.

The application offers more than 290 words for learning and practical training with words. Which can be adjusted based on your level of knowledge and level of comfort with words. 

The app also identifies users in its “Expert Level” category. Which is determined by word interaction, and “Commitment Level”, which is determined by the iPhone App / AI engine.


This free program, which includes standardized tests such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT, uses a unique strategy to engage the student: it turns test preparation into a fun game.

By getting the maximum number of stars, discovering new levels, and winning high scores, you master the key proven concepts of the above-standardized tests under time pressure. 

The game contains six mathematical topics. Properties of integers, percentages, probability, and calculation, absolute value, the geometry of coordinates, and the Venn diagram.

Magoosh GRE Prep

Prepare for GRE with this free program, which includes comprehensive video tutorials to help students feel more prepared for the future GRE. 

Magoosh is an online test preparation company that focuses on video learning and great customer support.  Created by expert teachers.

This app includes introductory lessons with an explanation of the test format, more than 200 video lessons (30 hours) covering all three sections of the exam, animated examples, and explanations. And also a detailed explanation of each exam concept.

Exam English: TOEFL ® Grammar

Developed by English language exam experts, this app is a leader in GRE preparation.  This application is specially design for questions about understanding TOEFL and other exams.  It is also useful for other exams, such as TOEIC, and is a great way to improve your English grammar.

Daily GRE Vocabulary

As part of the Economist GRE Tutor program, this app contains a daily excerpt from The Economist with a new word GRE worth thinking about.  This way you can learn a new word every day along with its use in the paragraph.  It focuses on the overall learning experience and meets your need to get excellent GRE bases.

GRE Flashcards by Magoosh

One of the best card programs available for the GRE verbal section is GRE Flashcards from Magoosh, which you should try.  It uses a space repetition system.  This system is very useful because it allows unlearned words to reappear on the screen until you perfect them.  This is one of the many cool features to download this program.

Manhattan prep GRE by higher learning technologies

This program is useful for providing immediate feedback on your answers.  They have hundreds of test preparation questions that you can find in their written preparation book.  They offer the purchase of a premium version of the program. 

Its free features have limits, but they do provide useful practical questions and a progress tracking tool that you can use before deciding whether to upgrade or not.  This is a great option for travel.

GRE Prep Practice


This app, GRE Preparation & Practice —available for iOS, Andriod, and web—includes advice on planning for the study guides and strategies, practice questions, video lessons, progress tracking, and more.

You can access all this with a free trial. But you get more videos and practice questions with a premium account, meaning you’ve signed up for the Magooosh online course access.

This app is a great way to study for the GRE. You can get help with studying for the GRE without disrupting your normal life, brush up on a math concept, or try some verbal practice problems. You can use the app to track your progress, which means you can see your improvement as you study. 

GRE Math

Sherpa Prep

It is a  unique app that helps students prepare for the GRE Math section of the test, this software provides 350+ full-length lessons, 100s of practice questions sorted by difficulty, animated videos, interactive practice tests, analysis of every rare or advanced GRE math concept, diagnostics, analytic and statistical feedback, and personalized error lists and review logs.

Sherpa Prep reiterates on their app: “GRE Math doesn’t have to be scary. Like their GRE prep classes, they assume that you know nothing.” You don’t need to worry about the material; just focus on understanding the concepts. Though you can access the Arithmetic and Plan B Strategies for free, it’s worth purchasing access to the other topics that you’re struggling with.

GRE Test Prep by Galvanize

This app is highly rated by all reviewers.  With the feedback after each question about the right or wrong answers and the opportunity to set a goal to help you, this program is impressive. 

Their claim to fame is to have “hundreds of GRE-style questions, high-quality explanations, GRE score predictions and exam readiness indicators.”  Given the limited number of free materials, this program is definitely worth downloading.


In conclusion, the best GRE prep apps are designed to help you prepare for the test without having to spend hours studying each day. With these apps, you can quickly review concepts that you already know. While also learning new material that you may not have known before.

All of the apps listed here were created by experts who have years of experience working with students like you. They’re also easy to use, which means that you won’t have to waste countless hours trying to figure out how to navigate through their menus.

So whether you want to brush up on vocabulary words or study for the math section, there’s bound to be an app that can help you succeed.


What are the benefits of using a GRE app?

This is amazing because it will give you more confidence in your own abilities. In other words, newbies to the GRE should be able to learn basic GRE concepts from scratch using a GRE app.

What is a good GRE prep app?

Good GRE apps contain realistic practice questions that mimic actual GRE questions in content, form, and difficulty so that it should feel as if you’re taking the real GRE (but on a phone, instead).

How do I study for the GRE?

Many apps are available for both iPhones and Androids, allowing you to study for the GRE any time you want in any place you want.

Why use GRE apps?

Therefore, it’s best to use GRE apps as supplements to your primary study method.

What are the drawbacks of using a GRE app?

Many apps have extremely limited content.

What is the GRE app?

Their app, available for iOS and Android, contains quizzes, practice tests, flashcards, videos, and diagnostic tests.

What if I want to practice for the GRE?

If you want to bring your GRE prep experience to life outside your phone, you can challenge a friend to practice with you, or hire a Varsity Tutors GRE tutor to help you up your study game.

What is the best way to study for GRE?

You can get advice on how to study for the GRE without interrupting your normal life, brush up on a Math concept, or try some Verbal practice problems.

How much does it cost?

It’s completely free and offers so much functionality.


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