GMAT Online Preparation 2022 | Step by Step Guide

GMAT Online Preparation 2022 | Step by Step Guide

The best GMAT online preparation courses can easily demonstrate good results for past students and offer a combination of lessons, practice tests, and tutorials to guide prospective testers through a clear course with in-depth coverage of all test topics.

  Preparations for the GMAT are offered online, giving you the opportunity to choose the schedule that works best for you.  The virtual classroom gives you the flexibility to attend classes from anywhere, the ability to interact in real time with expert instructors, and the ability to re-view records of your classes when you feel comfortable.

  These courses include a course workbook and an official textbook from GMAC that contains previously released test questions.

How does GMAT online preparation work?

  To ensure comparison, the GMAT online exam will have the same type, number of items and section time as the exam conducted at the test centers.  It will also use the same scoring algorithm and score scale for section and total score as the test center-based version.

  At the end of the exam, candidates will be able to preview their informal general, quantitative, verbal and IR scores.  The official results report will be available to candidates through their account within 7 business days (but in some cases it may take up to 20 business days to process the results).

  When candidates receive their official report on the results, they will see the scores of the individual sections, as well as the overall score on the exam.  Candidates will also be able to view the percentiles of their scores in their results report.  GMAT online exam scores are valid for 5 years and are credited to the GMAT ™ limit for 12 months and for life.

Where can I get GMAT online preparation?

  These courses are conducted on a variety of reliable online platforms and are conducted by instructors who know what it takes to take a standardized exam.  We’ve sorted them out using an exclusive methodology that searches for only the best free online courses that top our list.  Whether you are busy with the GMAT or just want to be as prepared as possible, trying one of the courses described below can be the key to a high score!

Best GMAT Online Preparation courses 2022

1.      Official GMAT starter kit

  Official GMAT preparation materials offer several options for those taking low-budget tests.  Individuals can take the first two adaptive practice exams free of charge, which take tests according to the same scoring algorithm as the actual GMAT exam.  Assessment will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in different categories of testing, which can help you prioritize your learning.  Also, if you feel you need more practice, you can pay for additional mock exams.


2.      Kaplan test prep

  Kaplan is a huge test preparation company, and we chose it as  one of the best online GMAT preparation course because of its depth of resources and variety of course options.  You can choose between a self-paced course or a tutorial led by a live instructor.  Either way, you get access to nine full practice exams and a bank of over 2,500 sample questions.  The Kaplan course also includes Kaplan GMAT tutorials, which some students use to prepare for the test day as a separate learning resource.  Kaplan students can also choose the official practical exam at the real GMAT test center.


3.      Magoosh

  Magoosh offers comprehensive preparatory programs for the GMAT, including instructions and practical questions.  Individuals who choose self-study can watch video tutorials, and premium subscribers can also take advantage of diagnostic tests and prediction scores.  Guided learning also includes tutoring services.  People under this plan receive six hours of tutoring in the form of one-on-one video chat.  As an added benefit, Magoosh subscribers receive a 40% discount on the GMAT Official Starter Kit practice exams.


4.      TargetTestPrep

  Previously, the TargetTestPrep course focused on improving quantitative assessment;  however, an oral preparatory course to the GMAT has now been added, giving a full version of the GMAT preparation.  If you purchase a quantum course, you will get free access to the verbal course.  There are three tariff plans available, each offering a full refund if your GMAT score does not improve.


5.      The Princeton Review

  You may know The Princeton Review as a company that publishes ACT and SAT preparation books, but it also provides full preparation for the GMAT exam.  The Princeton Review offers four different plans.  All plans are available online, but some also have personal options.  You can choose from one of the self-study options, a basics course that includes 27 hours of classroom time, a program that guarantees a score of at least 700 points, and private tutoring.


6.      TestMasters

  TestMasters offers a stand-alone online course, a full-time face-to-face course and a private one-on-one course.  The most unique feature is the guarantee of increasing the score by 100+ points, which is the greatest guarantee of any reviewed course.  Although you choose to pursue TestMasters, all courses include 12 classes plus an additional 1,200+ pages of study materials and a copy of the Official GMAT Review Guide.  The biggest drawback is the online experience, which lags behind the competition.  But despite the fact that the design is not great, the content is reliable.



  The free 300-page GMAT course covers the mathematical and verbal sections of the GMAT.  Designed as blocks, users can skip any parts they already feel confident with and focus on areas where they are less proficient.  In addition to written information, more than 100 training videos are available.  All training materials are complemented by graphics, animation and visual resources to help you understand some of the more complex issues of the GMAT.


8.      Manhattan Prep

  Manhattan Prep offers several course options with different formats based on the assumption that each has a unique learning style.  The full course includes 27 hours of GMAT classes and six practice tests.  Individuals can also study with a tutor in private lessons.  The GMAT boot camp prepares students for the exam in 2-3 weeks of intensive study.  Manhattan Prep also publishes a free GMAT starter kit that includes e-books on math and verbal basics and one practice test.


9.      PrepScholar

  PrepScholar publishes GMAT courses for people with any budget.  Individuals who enroll in the online course follow an individualized study plan and practice four computer-adapted tests.  For those who can spend a little more money, tutoring offers a more personalized option.  You can also read free PrepScholar e-books and tutorials or watch videos on the PrepScholar YouTube channel.  The preparatory company promises a five-day risk-free trial of its programs.  He also promises test takers a refund if they do not increase their scores by at least 60 points.


10. Veritas Prep

  Test takers who choose Veritas Prep can choose between self-study and live activities.  They can also participate in a private tutoring plan.  The self-study program consists of video tutorials and over 5,000 practical questions.  Participants can also take advantage of live online help with homework.  For live online classes, teachers provide 36 hours of training.  Students who choose tutoring receive seven hours of individual counseling and interview preparation.  All options are accompanied by a free consultation upon admission.



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