Can you take the Hiset test online at home? Full Guide

Taking a test has always been a major challenge for individuals irrespective of where you are. This is why most people interested in taking the Hiset test are fond of asking this question “Can you take the Hiset test online at home ?”. If you find yourself in this situation, you have nothing to worry about. In this article, we would answer your question and also provide you with the full guide on how you can take the hiset test online at home.

In our world today, to be willing to stand out among others, a test or assessment remains a good option. The world has become very competitive and everyone needs to prove themselves. The Hiset test for example qualifies you to partake in other great opportunities to come your way.

When people ask the question “Can you take the Hiset test online at home ?” it is clear that for a particular reason they have decided to take the test online at home. This may be due to some form of pressure from society, friends, or even family. Online test or assessment gives an individual the opportunity to write their test in a more comfortable and convenient setting.

Other reasons why an individual might decide to take an online test at home may include distance, time, date, or a lesser degree of stress. The test location might be too distant away from the individual. There is also leverage of time for the individual, where he or she can decide when to write the test. The pressure and stress seem to be lesser than usual when taking an online test.

Now that we have been able to give a strong background on why people prefer taking the Hiset test online at home, let’s now talk about what a Hiset test is about.

What is the Hiset?

When people ask the question “Can you take the Hiset test online at home ?” it is necessary we begin with a simple explanation of what a Hiset test is about in the case of people without basic knowledge.

According to Mometrix, Hiset which stands for High School Equivalency Test is an improved approach for those individuals who couldn’t complete their high school to acquire a diploma which would put them on track for college or even career. Interested individuals are in a position to decide whether the test would be taken using pencil and paper or a computer base.

The HiSet test is divided into five different sections and they include: English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, and Writing. Each section has at least 40 – 50 questions ( Multiple Choice). Interested individuals should have it at the back of their mind that the writing section requires essay writing.

The Hiset test is expected to last for a few hours and it is quite difficult to pass. To successfully pass the Hiset test you are expected to completely prepare yourself for the test day. If you are still with us, you must now be familiar with what the Hiset test is about. We can now go into the main topic of the day.

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Can you take the Hiset test online at home

The question “can you take the Hiset test online at home ?” is popular among most Hiset candidates and must be addressed. The answer to this question is yes, the Hiset test can be taken online at home.

According to ETS, students who are unable to test at a test center due to health concerns are advised to take the test at home as it is considered safer and convenient for them. The following are subtests of the Hisets:

  • Tests completed at a test center are equivalent in content, format, and on-screen experience.
  • The test should be taken on your own computer at home or at any safe space and must be monitored by a human proctor online.
  • The test is available from 4 a.m.-7 p.m. ET, seven days a week.

kindly note that before you can be eligible to take the Hiset test, you must be 18 years and above and you must be able to meet your HiSET State Requirements. There are situations where the age of the candidate falls between 16 and 17 years old.

You should endeavor to contact your state for approval before applying. The state would also clarify if the underage student can take the test at home. Next, we would be looking at how to prepare for the Hiset test.

How to Prepare for The Hiset Test

There is this misconception of being too prepared for an exam. It is very misleading, as no one should feel such a way, especially in a case like the Hiset test. Fortunately, there are a plethora of free preparation choices available online. For example, you can find Hiset sample questions, practice tests, study companion guides, and practice videos available online.

You should purchase a study guidebook that would provide you with the appropriate information to ace your test. The guidebook would also guide you on how the test works. The book sometimes comes with a helpful video disc on Hiset courses.

Before the test day, you must enquire as much information as possible which would guide you to ace your test. For example, the different sections of the Hiset test have their time duration which you should be able aware of. The number of questions each section contains should be clear to you before test day. How to sign up for your test is another important piece of information you have to watch out for.

Preparing for your test is very important, which is why you need to pick a date and time convenient for you to study as much as possible. You must study for many hours or days to be able to retain certain important information. You must cross-examine yourself to know how ready you are with those subjects you would be facing on test day.

If after cross-examination, you still see some loopholes, you can still decide to study more and harder. Always take as much time as possible when preparing for your test. As the popular saying goes “preparation is the key to doing well in your exams”.

After writing the test and the result is out, you can now move to the next phase of your preparation for your professional career.

What to Expect on Hitest Test day

Before the test day, you should know what to expect. The hiset test is divided into five distinct sections. The sections include Maths, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing. Each test has its own set of prerequisites and time restrictions. Below is a list of what you should be expecting on the different sections during test day:


What to expect under mathematics? The mathematics section comprises 50 questions in total and you have about 90 minutes to round up. Luckily for you, you are can go in with your calculator for as long as you wish but only for this section. The possible questions under mathematics might include Arithmetic, making estimates, or analyzing data.


Under science, you should expect 50 questions maximum and you also have a time limit of 80 minutes. This section’s objective is to assess the grasp of scientific materials and it accomplishes this by supplying you with actual scientific lab articles to review. You would be on the favorable end if your basic science knowledge is still intact.

Social Studies

Under this section, you should expect 50 questions which would be in multiple-choice format. This section would last for 70 minutes. Here you should expect questions under economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, and many others. The main goal of this section is to carefully assess your understanding of subjects about social studies.


Under this writing section, you have a maximum of 120 minutes. This section Is also in two parts. In the first part, you are to compose an essay. English and Spanish are the two languages you can write with. You have to choose the one you are fluent in. The second part is also multiple-choice and you are expected to answer 50 questions.

Each question depicts a piece of text in need of proofreading, which you must provide by selecting a response.


Finally, the reading section. This section comprises 40 questions and you are expected to answer all in just 65 minutes. This section assesses your reading and comprehension skills. You would receive a variety of texts between 400 to 600 words. In the end, you will be asked to interpret the following text to answer the questions.

Kindly note that if sadly you didn’t do well in the test, cry no more as there are retests available. the retest comes twice within a year and if it turns out to be your first time taking the entire test, your retest would be free of charge. A charge of $10 will be required if you took some sections only.

I hope you found this article easier to access and also comprehensive enough. Goodluck.