Laptop Cooler for Gaming

Best Laptop Cooler for Gaming in 2022

The best laptop cooler for gaming in 2022? The most effective laptop coolers have a relatively simple job: to diffuse heat and cool your laptop. Modern laptops have a lot of power, making heat management a problem. Without sufficient airflow, pushing your laptop to the limit can result in crashes, poor performance, and damaging wear and tear.

Fortunately, there are many reasonably priced options for cooling pads and laptop stands that may be used to prevent laptops from overheating. Using the proper cooler, you may avoid a searing chassis, a super-hot keyboard, and roaring fans.

The ten most outstanding solutions for any laptop were found after a thorough internet search for the market’s best-liked and rated laptop coolers. Why not choose one of our top laptop coolers as a solution if your device is running a little too hot or your thermals are slowing performance?

What laptop coolers are the best?

Laptop Cooler for Gaming

The TopMate C5 is the best laptop cooler available today. The TopMate C5 is not only reasonably priced, but it also offers an astounding array of performance-enhancing features. There are several ways to customize the C5 to your needs, from changing the fan speeds of its unique five-fan arrangement to changing the cooler’s slope for a more comfortable typing experience. The TopMate C5 laptop cooler is an excellent choice for laptops up to 15.6 inches in size since it strikes the optimal combination between price, comfort, and cooling.

You like using your device on your lap. Do you dislike the roasted skin condition? The cooler you’re looking for is the Targus Chill Mat. The Chill Mat uses a wedge shape and soft neoprene material to establish a barrier between your thighs and any thermal output. The internal temperatures of your laptop are then lowered by a continuous flow of cool air provided by two 80mm fans. The Targus Chill Mat works with computers up to 17 inches in size, and although it performs admirably at a desk or table, it also functions admirably as a lap desk everywhere else.

The TeckNet N8 is a good cooler that can provide your laptop with more than 38 cubic feet of cool air per minute for just $23.99 if you’re on a tight budget. The TeckNet N8 has three 118mm fans that are incredibly silent and an ergonomic incline for enhanced typing comfort. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, but it can cool computers up to 17 inches in size and is reasonably priced.

1. TopMate C5 | Best laptop cooler for gaming

True to its name, the TopMate C5 laptop cooling pad is your laptop’s best buddy for reducing heat buildup. The remarkable performance of the TopMate C5 is due to its five-fan configuration. A bigger 1200 RPM core fan is surrounded by four smaller 2400 RPM fans, creating a powerful airflow. You can monitor and control which fans are running and how quickly they’re running using a mini-LCD display. You may swap between modes to get performance from one, four, or five fans.

The TopMate C5 is one of the strongest cooling pads available, but it also functions as a flexible ergonomic stand. Your wrists, neck, and back will feel less worn out while typing and watching thanks to the five different height inclines. Additionally, the TopMate C5 is compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, bringing even more variety to a device that is already bursting with it. The TopMate C5 is primarily made to operate with laptops up to 15.6 inches in size.

Why should you get it?

  • impressive five-fan configuration.
  • Adjustable height
  • Mini-LCD display
  • Ergonomic incline

2. Cooler Master NotePal XL | Best laptop cooler for gaming

A substantial 230mm fan that can be set to spin at up to 1000 rpm is included with the Cooler Master NotePal XL. The fan itself is remarkable and will undoubtedly offer sufficient cooling, but it’s also remarkably silent. The NotePal XL operates quietly—only 19 decibels of noise are produced when it is operating. The NotePal’s frame can hold laptops up to 17 inches in size, and its mild pitch is sufficient to improve comfort throughout extended periods of work or play.

A built-in USB hub is another intriguing feature provided by the Cooler Master NotePal XL. Utilizing the three additional USB 2.0 ports on the cooler’s back requires connecting the NotePal XL to your laptop through USB. If your laptop has few ports, this is even better for making the most of it while managing your cables. The NotePal XL is positioned as the best option for people with busy workstations because it can serve as a USB hub, a stand, and a cooling all in one.

Why should you buy it?

  • Large and fast 230mm fan
  • Impressively quiet
  • Ergonomic pitch
  • Adds 3x USB-A 2.0 ports

3. Thermaltake Massive TM | Best laptop cooler for gaming

One of the few laptop coolers that go above and beyond to keep your device cool is the Thermaltake Massive TM. Although the dual 120mm fans on this cooler are amazing, the programmable temperature sensors set it apart. These sensors keep an eye on your gadget and can automatically change the speed of each fan to focus on trouble spots. The cooler’s front control panel allows you to manually change each fan if you’re not a fan of automation. If your device produces a little bit more heat than you are comfortable with, there is also a turbo button to turn on all the fans.

The cooler from Thermaltake also functions admirably as a laptop stand. The cooler is positioned forward by a set of movable rear feet, improving typing comfort and providing superior ergonomics overall. The thin top plate made of aluminum is strong enough to hold laptops up to 17 inches in size. There is no disputing the impressiveness of Thermaltake’s cooler. It does, however, come with a very hefty price tag. Although prices vary from store to store, you can purchase it through Thermaltake on Amazon for a hefty $94.98. Although there is unquestionably value there, for some people, that may be too much for a nice breeze.

Why should you buy it?

  • Dual 120mm temperature-regulated fans
  • Great aluminum build
  • Ergonomic pitch
  • Temperature sensors

4. KLIM Ultimate | Best laptop cooler for gaming (with RGB)

How about a gadget that maintains your laptop looking and feeling stylish? With the KLIM Ultimate cooling stand’s all-around RGB lights, you can be the envy of all five of your Twitch viewers. Although I personally think RGB is tech’s answer to the pink tax, there’s no disputing how fashionable it has grown to deck up your gadgets like it’s Christmas every day. The KLIM Ultimate’s 200mm cooling fan is the show’s real star, even if the lights will undoubtedly steal the show. For laptops up to 17 inches in size, the fan’s quiet operation at 750 rpm provides a distraction-free cooling solution.

Although the KLIM Ultimate can be used in your lap, a level surface is preferred. You can employ four different inclinations at a desk or table, each of which offers a better typing and viewing experience. These inclines to place your laptop at various angles and heights to help you achieve the most comfortable ergonomic position. KLIM offers a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy as well as complimentary 5-year coverage against defects since they are so confident in the construction quality and customer happiness. The KLIM Ultimate has a lot to give and not much to lose, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Why should you buy it?

  • All-around RGB backlighting
  • Runs quiet
  • Sizable 200mm fan
  • Adjustable height and pitch

5. Targus Chill Mat | Best laptop cooler for gaming (in-lap use)

The Targus Chill Mat is an excellent cooling pad that employs a wedge shape to improve airflow, stability, ergonomics, and a true laptop experience without the worry of slowly burning your thighs. The Chill Mat’s dual 80mm fans are excellent for blowing cool air into your device, and although having a maximum speed of 1900 rpm, they are incredibly silent at just 32 dB. On the Chill Mat, you can comfortably fit computers up to 17 inches in size, and thanks to its footless design, it works nicely atop practically any surface.

The Chill Mat from Targus appears to have been designed with comfort as its primary priority. In addition to having a wedge shape that is perfectly angled for ergonomic comfort, the cooler’s outside is covered in a plush neoprene material. This layer of synthetic rubber gives a little extra padding for your wrists or lap while in use and is fantastic for durability. The Targus Chill Mat’s focus on cooling and comfort may be just what you’re looking for if you don’t like using your laptop while sitting at a desk but don’t want to endure the torment of having it slowly scorch your quadriceps.

Why should you buy it?

  • Great for in-lap use.
  • Whisper quiet
  • Dual 80mm fans at 1900 RPM
  • Soft neoprene exterior

6. Deepcool N65 | Best laptop cooler for gaming (Best for business)

When your device needs it most, the Deepcool N65 uses two 140mm fans to maximize heat dispersion. Both fans have a maximum speed of 1000 RPM and can operate relatively quietly. In order to prevent particles from being blasted into your system or your sinuses, there is also a handy dust filter. The elegant cooler from Deepcool has an adjustable tilt that not only aids in air circulation but also greatly enhances support and comfort for operating a laptop.

One of the more fashionable-looking laptop coolers we have seen is the N65. With a nearly executive-like appearance and sleek metal construction, it would not look out of place in either the workplace or the home. With a sizable baffle that keeps your laptop firmly in position, it is also big enough to support computers up to 17.3 inches in size. The N65’s only significant drawback appears to be the absence of fan controls, as there are no options for adjusting the fan speed.

Why should you buy it?

  • Sleek design
  • Dual 140mm fans
  • Quiet when in use.
  • Ergonomic pitch

7. KLIM Cool Best laptop cooler for gaming ( for rear/side venting laptops)

It’s terrible, this. But that’s okay; it’s supposed to. The majority of the coolers on our list are excellent ways to increase airflow and cool air circulation, but if you have a laptop with side or back vents, they aren’t as spectacular. A strong substitute that fits over these vents and “vacuums” away any heat accumulation is the KLIM Cool. It would be impossible to fit a 200mm fan inside this cooler due to its size. Instead, the KLIM Cool uses fans that are up to 3500 rpm, which are smaller and faster. The speed of the fan can be automatically controlled by the internal temperature sensors, allowing a lower rpm for light operations.

Not every laptop, especially those with longer vents, will function with the KLIM Cool. It does, however, come with a number of attachments to fit a range of different chassis. The KLIM Cool must be used on a flat surface, so you can’t use it on your lap, but because of its small size, you can easily toss it in a purse or even a pocket.

Why should you buy it?

  • 3500 rpm fan
  • Digital display
  • Automatic modes
  • Portable

8. HAVIT Laptop Cooler | Best laptop cooler for gaming (for 15-inch devices)

With more than 17,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, there is no doubt that something is working with the HAVIT Laptop Cooler. With three substantial 110mm fans that can spin at speeds of 1,000 revolutions per minute, the cooler from HAVIT can cool your device with an airflow of up to 65 cubic feet per minute. That amount of ventilation will immediately affect your laptop’s thermals and is excellent for preventing heat buildup during prolonged use. The fans also make less noise than a whisper, allowing you to focus on your work or play without being interrupted.

Thanks to its movable rear legs, the HAVIT Laptop Cooler may also function as an ergonomic laptop stand. Your laptop’s back is raised when the legs are retracted, providing a more comfortable viewing and typing angle. The built-in fans have greater space to take in the air thanks to the shift in pitch, which significantly lessens wrist fatigue. Although the cooler is compatible with laptops up to 17 inches in size, the cooler’s chassis seems more appropriate for laptops up to 15.6 inches, and several reviewers have complained that some 17-inch devices simply cannot fit within. It’s a small flaw in an otherwise strong performance, but it’s important to note before you decide.

Why should you buy it?

  • 3x 110mm fans
  • Whisper quiet
  • 1000 rpm speeds
  • Ergonomic pitch

9. Thermaltake Massive V20 Best laptop cooler for gaming (for 17-inch devices)

The Thermaltake Massive may sound like a street gang from London, but it’s really a one-stop shop for all of your laptop’s thermal and ergonomic needs. The Thermaltake Massive V20 uses a single 200mm fan to improve airflow and assist in managing any potential heat accumulation inside your laptop. It is compatible with devices up to 17 inches in size. Additionally, it is movable, allowing you to regulate the fan’s speed anywhere between 600 and 800 rpm to suit the demands of your device.

The Thermaltake cooler is positioned at an angle to enhance airflow and user comfort. This pitch may be further increased with the cooler’s two extended legs, lifting your display to eye level, boosting airflow, and enhancing the ergonomics of your setup. The Thermaltake Massive V20 is the perfect cooling solution for larger notebooks because of its size, and most retailers sell it for less than $40. It strikes an excellent balance between cost and functionality, providing both user comfort and device cooling.

Why should you buy it?

  • Adjustable 200mm fan
  • Ergonomic pitch
  • Whisper quiet
  • Good price to performance

10. TeckNet N8 | Best budget laptop cooler

The TeckNet N8 provides your laptop with more than 38 cubic feet of cold air per minute using three 118mm fans. Even more, each 1200 rpm fan is whisper-quiet and won’t annoy you with its background noise. Any device that runs hot can benefit from the desktop or in-lap solution provided by the TeckNet N8’s mesh surface, which is designed to accommodate devices up to 17 inches in size. Probably the only significant drawback is the absence of a baffle to secure your laptop. If you’re using a heavy laptop, the N8’s tiny rubberized grips won’t be much help, and it could get tiresome to constantly reposition your laptop due to unintentional travel.

When placed on level surfaces, the TeckNet N8’s two adjustable legs give it an ergonomic lift that improves viewing and typing while reducing joint stress. The performance and silence of TeckNet’s laptop cooler have been praised by customers, and it is available online for as little as $23.99. The TeckNet N8 is a respectable cooling pad that provides comfort for both your laptop and your wrists, though it doesn’t reinvent the wheel.

Why should you buy it?

  • Adjustable pitch
  • Whisper quiet
  • 3x 118mm fans
  • Affordable


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