Average NBA Game Length in 2022 | Full Breakdown

The Average NBA Game Length is one factor that most people going to see an NBA match should consider. It’s the length of time it takes for a basketball game in the NBA to be completed.

What is the average length of an NBA game?

NBA games last anywhere from 2 hours and 32 minutes (the longest) to 3 hours and 20 minutes (the shortest). The average time spent watching an NBA game is around 3 hours and 40 minutes.

The average length of an NBA basketball game has increased over the years. In the 1980s, the average length was under two hours. By 2000, the average length had grown to almost three hours. Since then, the average length of an NFL football game has remained steady at roughly three hours and 15 minutes.

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What Is the Longest NBA Game?

Average NBA game

The longest NBA game ever played was in the 1951 season. It was an intense game between the Rochester Royals and Indianapolis Olympians at Edgerton Park Arena.

There are so many overtime periods that the actual game time is up to 78 minutes. That year, the Indianapolis Olympians won 75-73 against the Royals excellently. The match lasted six quarters instead of the usual four. It is also one of the Guinness World Records.

Besides, we can mention the longest college basketball game in 1981. This match took place with the participation of two teams, the Bradley Braves and the Cincinnati Bearcats.

The victory went to 75 minutes. It was three minutes shorter than the 1951 match between the Olympians and the Royals mentioned above.

Not stopping there, this 1981 match broke another record. That’s the longest player on the field in a basketball game.

Bradley center Donald Reese and Cincinnati guard Bobby Austin played on the field for 73 minutes. No one has overcome this to this day.

How long does an average NBA game last?

The NBA season has begun, and fans are already looking forward to the upcoming games. The league is currently in its 82nd year of existence. The regular season runs from October through April, followed by playoffs throughout May, June, and July.

NBA games usually run between three quarters (45 minutes) and four quarters (60 minutes). Each quarter lasts 15 minutes. Each game lasts around 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the team involved.

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How Long Is An NBA Game?

Average NBA Game

An average NBA game lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours. But that is not an exact figure for all leagues or associations.

Basketball games will always vary from league to league. Each period in the NBA will last 12 minutes. Total playing time will range between 48 and 60 minutes for the fourth quarter. At the same time, Overtime lasts for 5 minutes in an NBA game.

There are 15 minutes between the second and third periods during halftime. However, this is just theoretical time. Many factors make the length of an NBA game last even two hours. It is a bit longer than the FIFA games.

Basketball game time is often longer because of commercial breaks.

How Many Quarters Are There in a Single Game?

All NBA games last for four quarters. The only exception occurs if both teams are tied at halftime. If this happens, the teams will play an overtime period of five minutes. The teams must play for an infinite number of 5-minute overtime sessions until a winner is declared.

How Do NBA Games Take Place?

Before the match, the coaches for both teams will register the players’ names. The list includes team names, head coaches, assistant coaches, and captains.

At that point, the coach appoints 5 players on the official list and confirms the score sheet for them. The home team has the right to choose the ball and the court and then notify the main referee.

The referee blows his whistle, and the game begins. Two teams stand on their respective field sides to prepare for the game. The referee throws the ball into the air in the middle of the field. When any player touches the ball, the timed match begins.

What is the most common length of a professional basketball game?

A typical NBA game will last somewhere between 3:40 and 4:20. Games can be much longer, but they’re scarce!

The NBA regular season consists of 82 games for each team. A game typically lasts about 30 minutes per quarter with breaks after every period. However, some games may go into Overtime if both teams score enough points during regulation play.

Overtime periods last until one team scores more points than the other. If neither team reaches that amount, then a sudden death period begins where each team gets one shot.

After either team shoots the ball, the opposing coach calls a timeout. They can choose any player on their bench to shoot next. The team who makes the basket wins the game.

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What are Ways the NBA Can Speed up the Game?

The NBA is always trying different ways to speed up the games for years. For example, the National Basketball Association (NBA) reduced how many timeouts teams can take during the fourth quarter of games. The result saw games drop from hours and 23 minutes to just two hours and 15.

Here are some other ways the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) can speed up a game’s conclusion without compromising the sport:

Limiting the number of fouls that occur during a game

Cutting down on the number of commercials during a sporting event

If reducing commercials is not an option, Basketball can incorporate a split-screen in action with a commercial showing alongside the game.

Speeding up instant replay reviews by referees

Steps to improve NBA game flow

Unlike other sports, Basketball is fine with its length as it is one of the shortest games in major sports entertainment. The team has taken steps to shorten the game’s length and improve the match’s flow, especially in the last 2 minutes.

Here is an article highlighting some changes the NBA has made to improve game flow since the 2017-2018 season. They’re also listed here:

Teams now have 7 timeouts instead of 9 in previous years.

There are no longer 2-minute and 20-second timeouts. All. All timeouts last for 75 seconds.

Teams can use a total of 2 timeouts per game. If they have any more than that, they lose their remaining timeouts.

Each quarter, every team will have two mandatory timeouts to prevent them from saving all their timeouts for the fourth quarter.

If the game goes into Overtime, each team will be given two timeouts instead of three.

The shooter must remain inside the three-point line when shooting a free throw. It is to prevent shooters from wandering around between free throws.

Start the halftime immediately after the completion of quarter two.

These aren’t major changes to the game; they won’t affect how long it takes to play. It should help gameplay, especially in the last few minutes, allowing fan participation.

Is there a difference in length between men’s and women’s basketball?

There is no difference in length between men’s and women’s basketball games! Men’s and women’s basketball have been played since the early 1900s. Women’s games tend to be shorter due to fewer players on the court.

Why do NBA games take so long?

Games are extended because of player rest. Players need to recover between games. They also need to practice to prepare themselves for the upcoming games.

On top of this, Basketball requires skilled athletes. There are many different positions and skills needed to play the sport effectively.

Some teams play multiple home games in one day. Some teams even play two consecutive nights! These extra practices help players get ready for the next game.

The NBA uses the same rules as all other major sports leagues. Every team must scrimmage before playing a real game. Scrimmages allow coaches to work out strategies and tactics. It also helps them see how players fit together as a unit.

This process takes time. It also costs money. So, it can be costly for teams to scrimmage against other teams.

NBA Teams

Teams play 82 games during the regular season. Each team plays five opponents twice each (home-away

In addition, the NBA plays a full schedule each week. That means that each team plays at least three games a week. Three games a week equals 162 games throughout an entire regular season.

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How does the NBA draft work?

Each year, the NBA holds a draft lottery. It determines which team has the best chance of winning the first pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. The remaining 31 teams draw numbers from 1 to 14. Teams with higher numbers have better chances of getting the first overall pick.

What happens when a team fails to reach the playoffs?

They are eliminated from contention if a team fails to make the playoffs. It usually occurs when a team loses too many games in a row. They will not receive any playoff revenue. In most cases, however, losing seasons is part of the professional sports business. Losing teams often lose big names or star players. As a result, fans don’t want to watch these teams anymore.

How many games are played in the NBA Finals?

The NBA finals consist of seven games. Most games end in Overtime. However, some games may go into triple Overtime if there is still no winner after four overtimes!

How many points are scored per minute in the NBA?

Like every other sport, the number of points scored per minute depends on the arena’s size, the level of competition, and how well the ball bounces.

The average NBA game lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes. That’s about 30 minutes longer than the average NFL football game.

How long does it take to win an NBA championship?

It takes approximately six months to win an NBA title. During that time, the team goes through training camp, preseason, regular season, playoffs, and finally, the NBA Finals.

Who wins the NBA Championship?

A series of playoff games determine the NBA champion. The final round of the playoffs consists of two rounds: the Eastern Conference Semifinals and Western Conference Semifinals. Both rounds are single-elimination games. After the second round, the winners advance to the NBA Finals.

Which team has had the most consecutive championships?

The Los Angeles Lakers have won more NBA Championships than any other team. They have won 11 NBA titles since moving to Southern California in 1960.

What is the difference between the NBA and the ABA?

The American Basketball Association (ABA) was formed in 1967. The ABA lasted until 1976. At its peak, the ABA boasted 12 teams. The ABA was very popular during this period. Many famous athletes played in the ABA, including Julius Erving, George Gervin, Moses Malone, and Larry Bird.

How many teams were in the ABA?

At its height, the ABA consisted of 12 teams.


In conclusion, the average length of an NBA game is three hours and twenty minutes. That means each team has roughly fifty minutes to score points during regulation time. The teams that can use their time effectively will almost certainly win. So keep that in mind next time you watch a basketball game.


How many people attend NBA games?

There are currently 18 million people attending NBA games each year.

How many times has the NBA been canceled due to war?

During World War II, the NBA was suspended for three years because of the war.

When did the NBA start?

The NBA started in 1946. The first game was between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia Warriors.

How fast is the fastest player in the NBA?

The fastest man in the NBA is LeBron James. His speed is estimated at 40 miles per hour.

Why doesn't the NBA use goalposts as soccer does?

Because Basketball is a much faster-paced sport than soccer, goalposts would slow down the game’s pace. It could lead to injuries.

How many teams play in the NBA?

Currently, 30 teams are playing in the NBA. There are 14 teams in the Eastern Conference and 16 in the Western Conference.

How many teams compete in the NBA?

Twenty-six teams make up the National Basketball Association (NBA).