2022 AP exam schedule: Exam Description, Start Date, Apply Now

 2022 AP exam schedule: Exam Description, Start Date, Apply Now

  As the school year begins to end, you may ask yourself: when are the AP exams?  In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about AP exam schedules, including when they are usually held, the specific schedule for this year, what to do if you are on the AP schedule, and how you can use the schedule to best plan your studies.

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) gives diligent students the opportunity to take college-level courses while still in school.  By taking the AP exams, students can earn college credits, placements, or both.  They can skip college entrance courses, save on tuition, and even graduate early.

  What is AP exam?

  AP exams are a combination of multiple-choice and free-answer questions run by the College Board, a non-profit organization.  The advanced training exam covers 34 subjects from six disciplines.  Although enrolment in the refresher course is not mandatory, most students take the refresher exams after completing the refresher course.

  Each test has its own component score, and these complex scores differ for each test and each year.  For example, the total score for the US History Exam ranged from 114 to 180 in 2001.  In 2002, the total score for the US History Exam was 115-180.  , and 5 is the best result.

  How does AP exam work?

  Each year, students take the AP exam for two weeks in May.  Advanced training exams allow high school students to obtain college credits or college advanced training before they graduate from high school.

  One exam for advanced training is equivalent to one college course.  If a high school student takes several refresher courses, he or she can easily finish a semester or more of college before graduating from high school.  Advanced exams are also much cheaper than college courses.  Most importantly, the refresher exam demonstrates to college admissions officers that you are an academically gifted and hard-working student who loves trials.

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What is  2022 AP exam schedule?

  Since May, the College Board, which runs the AP program, has been offering AP exams in 37 different subject areas at schools and testing centres in the United States and abroad.  Exams are taken at 8 am and noon on the first two weeks of the month.  The only exception is the C Physics Exam, which is offered at 2 p.m on the first day of testing in 2022.  In 2022, testing dates are scheduled for May 2-6 and May 9-13.

  AP exam late testing

  Your school decides whether late testing will be available or not.  If so, you may or may not have to pay the appropriate fee of $ 40.  Some circumstances that may exempt you from this fee include some disability, conflicting exam times, or other school activities.  Late AP testing is performed for three days in the third week of May.  AP exam schedule Late tests in 2022 are scheduled for May 17-20.

What is the cost of AP exam?

  AP exams in the US and Canada cost $ 96 each.  For students taking the exam outside the US / Canada, the fee is $ 126 per test.  AP Capstone exams cost $ 144.  The college council is offering a $ 34 discount for low-income students.  Those who are entitled to a reduction in wages will never have to pay any arrears.

Exam Description

  AP exams usually take two to three hours.  The first half of the exam usually contains multiple-choice questions, and the rest of the exam usually contains free-answer questions.  Most AP exams consist of paper and pencil, except for a few.  Some foreign language exams are taken on a computer, while students who study in an art studio have to do a portfolio.

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2022 AP exam schedule

Week 1Morning 8 amAfternoon 12 pm
Monday, May 2, 2022Japanese Language and Culture United States Government and PoliticsChemistry Spanish Literature and Culture
Tuesday, May 3, 2022Environmental SciencePsychology
Wednesday, May 4, 2022English Literature and CompositionComparative Government and Politics Computer Science A
Thursday, May 5, 2022Human Geography MacroeconomicsSeminar Statistics
Friday, May 6, 2022European History United States HistoryArt History Microeconomics
AP 2-D Art and Design, 3-D Art and Design, and Drawing (last day for coordinators to collect and submit portfolios)
Week 2Morning 8 amAfternoon 12 pmAfternoon 2 pm
Monday, May 9, 2022Calculus AB Calculus BCComputer Science Principles Italian Language and Culture 
Tuesday, May 10, 2022English Language and CompositionPhysics C: MechanicsPhysics C: Electricity and Magnetism
Wednesday, May 11, 2022Chinese Language and Culture Spanish Language and CultureBiology 
Thursday, May 12, 2022French Language and Culture World History: ModernPhysics 1: Algebra-Based 
Friday, May 13, 2022German Language and Culture Music TheoryLatin Physics 2: Algebra Based 

Source: The College Board

Below is the 2022 AP schedule for make-up tests. Makeup tests run from the Wednesday through Friday following the second week of regular AP testing.

Late Testing PeriodMorning 8 amAfternoon 12 pm
Tuesday, May 17, 2022  Environmental Science  Psychology
Wednesday, May 18, 2022Chemistry Computer Science A Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Statistics United States HistoryComparative Government and Politics Computer Science Principles English Literature and Composition Macroeconomics Spanish Literature and Culture
Thursday, May 19, 2022Chinese Language and Culture English Language and Composition German Language and Culture Human Geography Physics 1: Algebra-BasedArt History Biology French Language and Culture Japanese Language and Culture Latin Physics C: Mechanics
Friday, May 20, 2022Calculus AB Calculus BC Microeconomics Physics 2: Algebra-Based Spanish Language and CultureEuropean History Italian Language and Culture Music Theory Seminar United States Government and Politics World History: Modern

Will AP exam be paper and pencil or computer-based?

The 2022 AP Exams will be administered in schools as paper-and-pencil* exams over two weeks in May: May 2–6 and May 9–13. As usual, AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams are administered in schools on computers.

What is the deadline to submit your AP exam portfolio?

Your teacher or AP coordinator will set his or her own deadline for you to submit your portfolio. After you submit your portfolio to your teacher, the AP coordinator needs to forward it to the AP Program by the first week in May.

Can I take my AP exam at home?

According to College Board, schools can elect to offer in-person testing (in either pencil-and-paper or digital format) or at home in a digital format. There will be three sets of dates for the exams.