NBA trivia questions and answers

100+ NBA Trivia Questions And Answers | 2022

These NBA trivia questions and answers will test your knowledge of current and former players, teams, coaches, and championships.

The NBA is a popular sports league that has been active for over 75 years. Check out the following questions and answers to demonstrate your knowledge of NBA trivia.

People have enjoyed watching various athletes play basketball over the years, including Michael Jordan and Lebron James. These NBA trivia questions cover the entirety of this incredible sport’s fascinating and entertaining history.

NBA Trivia Questions And Answers

NBA trivia questions and answers

Answers To NBA Trivia Questions

  1. Which NBA champion holds the record for the most titles?
    Bill Russell
  2. Which NBA squad boasts the most members in the Hall of Fame?
    Boston Celtics
  3. Who holds the second-most championship victories?
    Sam Jones
  4. What NBA player is referred to as “Magic”?
    Johnson, Earvin
  5. Michael Jordan was selected by the NBA in what year?
  6. How many personal fouls will you receive before being kicked out of an NBA game?
  7. Who was the first NBA player to ever capture a title with three separate teams?
    John Salley
  8. Who is the all-time smallest NBA player?
    Detroit Pistons
  9. For which NBA franchise did John Salley make his debut?
    Detroit Pistons
  10. With 35.89 million viewers, which year did the NBA Finals have the most viewership?
  11. The NBA stands for what, exactly?
    National Basketball Association
  12. When was the NBA established?
  13. Which Pacific Division team is the lone non-California-base member of that division?
    The Phoenix Suns
  14. Who established the NBA?
    Walter A. Brown
  15. How many teams did the NBA have when it first began?
  16. Where did the first NBA contest take place?
    Toronto, Canada
  17. Which NBA franchise is represented by a condor as its mascot?
    Los Angeles Clippers
  18. Who did the Toronto Huskies play in the opening NBA contest?
    New York Knicks
  19. Which NBA season saw the introduction of “Blocked Shots” as a stat?
  20. The Cleveland Cavaliers earned their first major championship in how long when they won the NBA Championship in 2016?
  21. Which NBA club prevailed in the inaugural contest?
    New York Knicks
  22. For each NBA team’s use throughout the entire season, how many basketballs are sent?
  23. Kobe Bryant gave himself what nickname?
    Black Mamba
  24. Which NBA franchise debuted first, at number?
    Toronto Huskies
  25. What team captured the inaugural NBA Championship?
    Philadelphia Warriors
  26. The Los Angeles Lakers and who else are equal for the most NBA championships won?
    The Boston Celtics
  27. Which NBA player had the most victories during a regular season?
    Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem
  28. What number cannot be used on an NBA jersey?
  29. Which NBA player has the most jerseys sold, at 29?
    Lebron James
  30. Who is the greatest NBA coach of all time?
    Phil Jackson
  31. How many officials oversee an NBA game?
  32. Who was the inaugural member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame?
    George Mikan
  33. Which NBA head coach guided the Boston Celtics to nine championships?
    Red Auerbach
  34. Which NBA player has the most MVP honors, 34?
    Abdul-Jabbar Kareem
  35. Who was the first NBA player to receive the MVP award?
    Wilt Chamberlain
  36. Which NBA team has the all-time record for winning streak length?
    Lakers of Los Angeles
  37. Which NBA team will be the most valuable franchise in 2021?
    New York Knick
  38. Which NBA franchise has the longest history?
    The Sacramento Kings
  39. Which NBA Slam Dunk champion ha
  40. Who was the 2014–15 season’s MVP?
    Stephen Curry

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NBA Player Trivia Questions And Answers

NBA trivia questions and answers

Numerous legendary athletes have played in the NBA. Due to the fact that the players make the league so interesting to watch, we have prepared some tough NBA player trivia questions for you.

  1. Who scored over 16,000 points and over 1,300 steals while playing his entire career for the Pistons?
    Joe Dumars
  2. Which nation was the birthplace of NBA players Boris Diaw, Nicolas Batum, and Dominique Wilkins?
  3. Whose career began with the Milwaukee Bucks and ended with the Los Angeles Lakers after 14 seasons?
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  4. Who was a teammate of John Stockton’s who played for the Utah Jazz and wore the number 32?
    Karl Malone
  5. In which nation was Steve Nash born?
    South Africa
  6. Where did Michael Jordan go to college?
    University of North Carolina
  7. What was Sam Perkins’ most well-known moniker?
    Big Smooth
  8. That is a forward who was selected in the 1999 NBA Draft out of St. John’s, is infamous for committing a lot of technical fouls, and is a superb defender?
    Ron Artest
  9. After the 2001 season, who had the most points scored in NBA history?
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  10. In the 1990s, Jeff Hornacek, a dependable shooting guard, helped the Jazz go to two NBA finals, but which team did he start with?
    Phoenix Suns
  11. Who was the 1956 first-round pick who led the Boston Celtics to eight NBA titles?
    Tom Heinsohn
  12. For Kobe Bryant, who did the Los Angeles Lakers trade?
    Vlade Divac
  13. What city is the renowned Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks from?
    Wurzburg, Germany
  14. In which country was Rick Fox born?
  15. After the 2001 season, who held the record for most assists in the NBA?
    John Stockton
  16. Which NBA champion has played for the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers and is taller than 7 feet?
    Shaquille O’Neal
  17. Which basketball star nearly quit the sport to work as a garbage man but went on to win three NBA titles and MVP awards?
    Larry Bird
  18. Who was the first player selected out of high school in 20 years when he joined the Timberwolves in the 1990s?
    LKevin Garnett

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Hard NBA Trivia Questions And ANSWERS

How well enough in NBA history are you? We delve into the more obscure facets of the history of the league below, covering nicknames, significant owners, and precise dates. Respond to these challenging NBA trivia questions to increase your understanding of the league.

  1. Who was the first international player selected first overall?
    Mychal Thompson (Bahamas
  2. Which NBA franchise sent four representatives to the 2015 All-Star game?
    Atlanta Hawks (Al Horford, Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver)
  3. What rookie was crucial to the Houston Rockets’ 1994 championship run?
    Cassell, Sam
  4. Which two teams took part in “Malice at the Palace” in 2004?
    Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers
  5. When was the three-point shot first used in the NBA?
  6. Who among the musical artists sold his 2013 Brooklyn Nets ownership stake?
  7. Who among the San Antonio Spurs’ past greats was dubbed “The Admiral”?
    David Robinson
  8. Which two players shared the 1999–2000 Rookie of the Year award?
    Steve Francis and Elton Brand
  9. During the 1983 NBA Draft, who was selected first overall?
    Ralph Sampson
  10. Who is the lone NBA athlete to have had three sons compete for the league?
    Rick Barry (Brent, John, and Drew))
  11. Who is the first NBA player to successfully play in 1000 straight games?
    A.C. Green
  12. Which NBA player from Argentina helped his nation win a gold medal in 2004?
    Luis Scola
  13. What nation was Kyrie Irving, the NBA champion, born in?
  14. Dwyane Wade played for the Miami Heat for most of his career. What was the name of the first team he joined after his brief absence?
    Chicago bulls
  15. Despite suffering two ACL tears, which player was named NBA MVP for the 2010–2011 campaign?
    Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls)
  16. Which athlete set a record for most appearances for the United States team after the 2015 Olympics?
    Carmelo Anthony (2016, 2012, 2008, 2004)
  17. Which year saw the debut of Michael Jordan’s iconic shoe?
  18. Who was the NBA player known as “Chocolate Thunder”?
    Darryl Dawkins

NBA Finals Trivia Questions And Answers

NBA trivia questions and answers

Legends are made during NBA finals. By answering the trivia questions about the NBA finals below, you can develop your knowledge of trivia.

  1. Which teams participated in the NBA Finals in 2011?
    Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks
  2. Which NBA club won the title in 1995?
    Houston Rockets
  3. Which all-star missed the rest of the 2015 finals due to a knee injury he sustained in the opening game?
    Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers)
  4. Which club in the 2016 NBA Finals lost a 3-1 lead?
    Golden State Warriors (lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers)
  5. Who was the first losing team member to win the NBA Finals MVP award?
    Jerry West (Los Angeles Lakers)
  6. Which team became the first to clinch three consecutive NBA titles?
    Los Angeles Lakers
  7. In the 1990s, whose team won six championships?
    Chicago Bulls
  8. Which team was the first to participate in two NBA Finals in a row?
    Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers
  9. Who won the 2002 NBA Finals MVP award?
    Shaquille O’Neal (Los Angeles Lakers)
  10. Which player is credited with the “Shot Heard Round the World” in the NBA Finals”?
    Gar Heard
  11. Which expansion team became the first to take home an NBA championship?
    Baltimore Bullets
  12. Who was the first NBA club to lose three finals in a row?
    New York Knicks
  13. Which team defeated the Chicago Bulls’ ten-year reign of supremacy by winning the NBA championship in 1999?
    San Antonio Spurs
  14. Which squad captured the title in 2000?
    Los Angeles Lakers
  15. Which team won the Eastern Conference title in the NBA in 1988?
    Detroit Pistons
  16. Which team became the first to reach the NBA Finals ten times in a row?
    Boston Celtics
  17. Which two teams participated in the NBA Finals in 2009?
    Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic
  18. Who won the NBA championship in 2008?
    Paul Pierce
  19. Which club won the NBA Finals without losing a game?
    Boston Celtics (1959)

NBA History Trivia Questions And Answers

Throughout its lengthy existence, the league has changed. The players become more athletic, the game moves faster, and the entertainment value has substantially increased. The following list of intriguing NBA historical facts includes some of them.

  1. Who holds the record for blocking 15 shots in a single game during the 1980s? Which club won the NBA Finals without losing a game?
    Manute Bol
  2. Who was the first athlete to register at least 20 points in 50 consecutive postseason contests?
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  3. Who was the first high school athlete to get picked first overall and go straight to the league?
    Kwame Brown (2001)
  4. Who is the first athlete to record a triple-double season average
    Oscar Robertson (1962)
  5. Who in the NBA has made the most steals in a single game with ten?
    Jerry West (1973)
  6. Where did the Golden State Warriors originate?
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. Who has the most assists in a single game in the NBA Finals with 21?
    Magic Johnson
  8. In the 1996 NBA Draft, which player was selected with the 13th overall pick?
    Kobe Bryant
    Who was the NBA player known as the “Iceman”?
    George Gervin
  9. Which year saw the introduction of the 24-second shot clock?
  10. The Miami Heat joined the NBA in what year?
  11. What was the original name of the Detroit Pistons?
    Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons
  12. Who has the most steals in a single postseason game record?
    Allen Iverson (10)
  13. Which team won the inaugural NBA championship?
    Minneapolis Lakers
  14. What player was selected first overall in the 1996 NBA draft?
    Allen Iverson
  15. Who was the 1993 NBA Coach of the Year?
    Pat Riley
  16. Who was the inaugural Most Improved Player of the Year winner?
    Alvin Robertson
  17. That was the NBA Finals rookie who started at every position?
    Magic Johnson
  18. Who scored 10,000 points in 2003 as the youngest player?
    Kobe Bryant
  19. In which city did the 1951 NBA All-Star Game takes place?
    Boston Madison Square Garden Club (Boston, MA)


Trivia games are always entertaining, especially when it comes to sports. Broaden your knowledge of the NBA and have some fun with this intriguing list of basketball trivia!